PartyFi’s community exclusive crypto-trading competition — PartyWars — is underway.

3 min readMay 11, 2022

In a nutshell:

Create or join a PartyWars party with at least 2 other people on and deposit $100 USDC each min/max into the party. Trade that money to try to earn the highest return on your investment. The best performing party, determined by their ROI, wins the top prize of 1 million $pFi tokens, 5 PartyPunks NFTs, and 1 Bronze PartyApe NFT.

Create your party here.


Here’s a blank invitation. I want you to figuratively write the names of your friends and associates that you believe can supplement your existing knowledge of crypto and trading. Once you have written their names, send them the letter inviting each to come to your party. With their help, you have every chance of winning the PartyFi trading competition, bagging your party 1 million $pFi tokens.

While it is your party, PartyFi are the organisers, so the venue, theme, rules, and rewards have been set.

The venue is the PartyFi platform, and it hosts multiple parties that will all be competing against yours for the competition prizes.

The theme is cryptocurrency trading. That’s what you invited your friends for, right? Between you all, you must identify opportunities in the crypto market and trade as a democracy. Use your combined knowledge to invest intelligently to get the most bang out of your buck. When the first Party Wars officially ends, the parties with the highest ROI will take home some heavy bags.

Note: PartyWars will continue until there are 30 parties particpating in the competition, at which point there will be one final week of trading to determine the winner with the highest ROI.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Parties must consist of three or more members
  2. Each member must deposit 100$ USDC. ($300 USDC in total)

**Degens: Please don’t deposit any more than this for the competition

  1. Parties can purchase any Polygon-based token listed on CoinGecko
  2. Grow your funds to biblical proportions, but be careful: there are NO REBUYS!
  3. Trading competition began May 6th, 15:00 UTC
  4. Competition ends in June.

The prizes are:

1st Place: 1,000,000 $pFi, 5 PartyPunks NFTs, and 1 Bronze PartyApe NFT

2nd Place: 200,000 $pFi and 2 PartyPunks NFTs

3rd Place: 50,000 $pFi and 1 PartyPunks NFT


We are elated to present you a pre-beta opportunity to profit using PartyFi’s platform after almost 12 months of fervent development. We hope that you enjoy using the platform. We implore you to join our discord server where you can share your feedback in conversation with moderators, developers, and community members. This platform can and will improve with your support.

Create your party here.

All participants who join our discord will receive a whitelist spot for our PartyPunk NFT mint; they will be required in future to access the platform!

Join here:

Now recruit your army; PartyWars has begun!


About PartyFi

PartyFi is a polygon-based DAO generator that allows users to share a wallet with friends, family, or trading professionals, while simultaneously giving you the freedom to withdraw your % share of the funds at any time. It is the ultimate transparent and decentralized community investment platform. By leveraging 0X protocol, users can trade any coin on the polygon network.

PartyFi features:

Dynamic treasury management

Decentralized chat rooms

Support of any ERC-20 token on Polygon

Deposit in USDC and choose how and when you withdraw from a party

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