PartyPass Needs You!

London Is Calling

The time has almost come. In just a few short months, PartyPass will be launched on iOS devices, upgrading your regular nights out, forever. Within minutes you and your friends will be creating a group profile, swiping through other nearby groups and finding your perfect party match. That perfect match leads into a group chat, where introductions are made, plans are laid out and the party really starts to take shape.

Qu the pièce de résistance: through PartyPass, you can find, select and share the perfect venue in which your night will unfold. PartyPass offers you exclusive access and knowledge of the best venues and deals in town. So what are you waiting for?

London is the first part of our journey, as we begin rolling out PartyPass across the UK and Europe. In preparation, we are now inviting people within the London area to sign up and become the very first PartyPass users. Simply head to and click Sign Up Here under our launch section. It takes less than a minute and once the app has been released, we will forward you a download link and your adventure can begin.

There’s a party out there that you’re destined to go to; don’t leave it to chance. Sign up now!

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