Recreating The Recreated


Social media. It’s a word that resonates with us all in some form. For the young, it is an integral part of day-to-day life which consists of tweets, likes, double taps and watching images for 10 seconds before they disappear into the abyss. For the remainder, it may simply be an extension of, and improvement to, their existing social mechanisms (with the thought of a ‘selfie stick’ still being a little premature). The concurrent theme is its ubiquitous nature.

The fact is we have all become engulfed by our smartphones. A study, conducted by Nottingham Trent University, asked people aged 18–33 to estimate the time they believed they spent on their phone and compared their self-reports to their actual usage through a pre-installed app. The results found on average a person checks their device 85 times a day, spending a total of 5 hours browsing the web and using apps, twice as much as people suggested they used at the beginning of the study.

So what are we doing all day on our phones? The latest report from Global Web Index (GWI), a social network behaviour tracker, highlights social media now accounts for 28% of all usage with this significantly increasing in younger demographics. The average digital consumer now has close to 7 social media accounts, doubling since 2012, with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter still reigning kings.

Social Media vs. Social Discovery

I look at social media in two categories that govern our usage. Firstly there are introverted social media apps that keep us broadly in line with what friends and family are doing (although after liking too many cooking pages my feed is littered with delicious temptations that I debate whether to cook at 1am). Introverted may sound contradictory for social media, but the truth is that modern society has become less social as a result of such social media apps.

The annual National Travel Survey, conducted by the Department for Transport, found the average number of visits people pay to their friends has fallen by almost a third in the past 20 years, with people opting to remain in touch online. How many times have you been with friends and noticed conversation has paused for everyone to check social media?

Extroverted social media, or social discovery, is changing this. These are apps designed to create and share contents, like social media, however to a new local social network with the intention of widening your social circle. It is an evolution of traditional social media that the masses have become comfortable using and is subsequently pushing barriers out to generate those comments social media previously generated such as ‘is it safe?’

Evolving Landscapes

Flurv, Paktor, Couch Surfer, Foursquare, Backpackr and Tinder are permeating the social discovery market, using innovative ways to allow users to interact with each other for unique purposes. This can be anything from catching a movie, getting advice on a new local city, finding new music or meeting up for a date. Social discovery recreated how to bring people closer together but has been built into something more.

Social media is what your life looks like today, whilst social discovery is what your life might look like tomorrow; leveraging mobile capabilities with location-based interaction. This added dimension to social networking will create a drive to discover new places, meet new people and create new friendships wherever we go in the world.

Efficient Spontaneity

Here at PartyPass HQ in London we believe all of this points to a very exciting future. We are currently building a social discovery app to address the social and physical barriers of forming groups to enjoy a night out. PartyPass will enable users to plan spontaneous nights out with current friends and other likeminded people in the local area.

Have you ever been to a new city and wished you could instantly know where all the locals dine, drink and dance? Wanted to meet with locals to show you these places and enjoy a night with? PartyPass is creating an efficient social discovery iOS platform for people to do all this and more.

Sign up to gain early access at and we will notify you when we are in the app store.

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