I just watched the public neutering of a good man Dave McClure and cannot keep my mouth shut about…
Chris Sweis

Chris, what you are saying is most akin to saying that children should be preyed upon by Catholic priests, because, the priests are afterall men & have urges. And so, their responsibility to be celibate behind doors doesn’t need to be honoured.

You are assuming is that a man can have it all! Nope! If one signs up for a certain responsibility, he/she must abide by the duties and not abuse the power. For eg: a president (or a Prime Minister) can not speak (or act) his/her mind just because he/she is the President. Nope. Diplomacy, responsibilities, duties, solidarity, integrity matter. Much more so when one is in a position of power.

Perhaps you fail to understand that in today’s world, if a woman is interested in a certain man and if he makes advancements towards her, she will reciprocate. But, if this reciprocity is missing, then the guy must back off. THIS is the attitude that makes a guy a man.

A lot of questions will come, a lot will be analyzed, and a lot will become clearer as investigation pursues, for ex: what happened to those women & their investments, how did their relations stay on. If you want answers to such questions, consider talking to women you know, they will illuminate you. But what is already clear is that people like Dave, Justin, Travis remain amogst us and deliberately & callously make this the world an uneven playing field. Harassment has always existed, but the difference today is that more and more women are bravely coming forward with allegations & calling out these men. People like you are having trouble digesting this fact. You are not used to dealing with such situations in the past and so, instead of pausing & contemplating, you are letting out incongruent knee jerk reactions for everyone to see & assess you as a credible & capable investor.

With all due respect Chris, your thoughts appear illogical, irrelevant, archaic, and lacking wisdom. Your blog response shows an extreme lack of basic reading comprehension, needless to say, lack of empathy. 
Following as Dave’s words, he has gone on record with an apology, admitting his behavior, this means that he has admitted to inappropriate behaviour, even if you wouldn’t like to believe so:

“For these and other incidents where I have been at fault, I would like to apologize for being a clueless, selfish, unapologetic and defensive ass.”

By grossly oversimplying the whole issue, you’ve made yourself a victim of deserving sympathy & not be taken seriously as an investor. 
If you don’t believe me, I can get signatures from more than 5000 women who are entrepreneurs, investors, startup junkies, poker players, dog lovers, tech enthusiasts.



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