How To Create A Free Torrent Streaming Website

Torrent Streamer is a a self-hosted remote torrent client, written in Go (golang). You start torrents remotely, which are downloaded as sets of files on the local disk of the server, which are then retrievable or streamable via HTTP.

Method 1

Get a Free Website by Deploying (installing) Torrent Streamer source code to Heroku.

Create a Account for Heroku at HERE.

Verify your email.

Deploy app from this link. (click on Deploy to Heroku)


Method 2

Get a Free Website by Deploying (installing) Torrent Streamer source code to Docker Application at Digital Ocean.

Create New account at Digital Ocean. Get Free $10 Credit from our Link.


Click on Create Droplet.

Find One-click apps and open it.

Choose “Docker X.X.X on X.X” (X.X may be any version)

Choose server size (“$5/month” is enough)

Choose server location

Add your SSH key (OPTIONAL — skip if you don’t know)

Now Finally click on Create.

Info: You will receive IP address, username and password at your registered email id.

Download Putty (for Windows) or open Terminal (for MAC).

Open Putty.

Fill IP address at Host Name (or IP address)

Click on OPEN

Putty Security Alert Select YES

login as: root (or as given in email)

Enter Password: (received in email) Note: Password is not shown in Putty so just enter password and Press Enter Button.

Change password by following it.

Now copy and paste this command into putty.

docker run --name ct1 -d -p 80:80 \
--restart always \
-v /root/downloads:/downloads \
jpillora/cloud-torrent --port 80

Visit IP address to start streaming torrents.

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