Pine Street Inn’s 2017 Home Remedy Benefit Breakfast

Prior to working as an assistant chef, Paschal Corrigan spent 20 years as a general contractor, undertaking projects ranging from framing and foundation work to high-end remodels. Outside of his professional life, Paschal Corrigan volunteers at Pine Street Inn, an organization dedicated to providing permanent supportive housing, emergency shelter, job training, and other services for homeless individuals.

Pine Street Inn is currently preparing for its Home Remedy event, a breakfast benefit held to help the organization fund its ultimate goal of ending homelessness. This year’s Home Remedy will take place on April 26, between 7:15 and 9 a.m. The event will be held at the Boston Marriott Copley Place.

The Home Remedy keynote speaker for 2017 is Paul M. English, the philanthropist and entrepreneur, who co-founded the travel websites Lola and Kayak. English is also the co-founder of the nonprofit organization Summits Education, which runs nearly 50 schools in Haiti.

Tickets for the event range in price, starting at $250 and going all the way up to $50,000 to join the Founder’s Circle. Higher-priced tickets come with more perks, including VIP seating and promotion for your company, while also helping the organization do more work in the community. To learn more about Pine Street Inn and its 2017 Home Remedy benefit, visit the organization at

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