Why You Should Quit Your Job and Join Passfort. Right Now.

It’s been three months since our last blog post and in that time a lot has changed here at Passfort. We haven’t had time to write a blog but below are the reasons why. TLDR version is we’re growing fast — and that means we need people that can grow fast too.

Our platform is now being used by some of London’s most innovative regulated start-ups and traditional businesses alike to manage their compliance information. We’re getting great feedback from early users who are redefining their customer onboarding processes and the way they store and manage data. Our early users are helping spread the word (we like the example quote below) as well as driving product feature development.

“Watching the first presentation I couldn’t give Passfort my money fast enough”

The fact that we’re currently expanding our data partnerships from the UK to include more major EU countries, the US and Canada only makes our proposition more compelling. We’ve got plenty more features in our pipeline and have more exciting news regarding integrations and product development coming in the next couple of months — watch this space.

As a business we’ve now graduated from EF and pitched our plans to Europe’s top tier VCs (video here); one of whom now strengthens our investor base having led our sizeable seed round.

We broke the record for the fastest ever EF portfolio company raise . We’d like to keep breaking records.

We’ve moved from a dark fly-infested basement in London Bridge to Level39 in Canary Wharf. We simply couldn’t resist the regular supply of smarties and cookies — providing much needed sustenance for our team which has doubled in size (to 4). We love visitors interested in what we’re doing— drop us a line at info@passfort.com to arrange a visit.

We’re really proud of the progress we’ve made so far — it gives us a solid foundation upon which to fuel our growth. But we’re under no illusions — this is just the beginning. Where the hard work really begins.

The reality is — everything we’ve done till now has been for you. Yes, you. All the late nights, thousands of lines of code, countless hours of sales meetings, investor pitches and product demonstrations — every single one has been in the hope of when it counts attracting someone like you.

If we’ve somehow manage to spark your interest then don’t fight your intrigue. We’re well funded, executing well, have a comprehensive product roadmap and a compelling vision that will change the future of how customers are onboarded in regulated markets. If you understand the value of that and have the vision to do something about it then chances are we’ll see the value in working with you.

Employees that join us now are founders. We’re a small team with a lot of ambition and big challenges to overcome. You’ll help shape our vision and our business. But most importantly, by joining a company like ours, at the stage we’re at now, you’ll shape your own future. You’ll wake up every day and go to work knowing that you are doing something really valuable — creating something that wouldn’t, no couldn’t, happen without you.

Check out the links below; or e-mail your CV to jobs@passfort.com along with a description of why we need you.

Open Position — Business Development

Open Position — Software Engineer