I “Walk” Alone

At times, my intuition tells me that people see me as either competition or a complete waste of their precious time…

They refuse to work with me in the most non-verbal ways.

They either (1) work alone or (2) join someone else’s team

[Try not to take offense to the latter, right?]

I struggle with not believing that they’d rather just not tell me “No”.

On the contrary, I sometimes meet those who actually tell me with their own mouths that they’re “down” but they neither:

(1) follow-up

(2) follow-through [on their end of the collaboration]


(3) express what exactly they’re down to do

And it hardly ever fares well when I “tell” people how to take action…

So, What Could It Be?

My supposed arrogance?

Narcissistic much?

Or maybe I’ve simply been too impatient to notice unseen efforts?

Maybe I missed that one text/phone call that never came… or should have had those trivial convos about life & society instead of about the next moves and their deadlines.

Perhaps I overlooked the notification from the post you never tagged me in — or rather, maybe business does mix with pleasure & you must casually, yet efficiently, befriend your clients and associates [in an unprofessional manner] as a means of reaching a level of professionalism and proactivity; someday.


Conceivably, I should hope not to gain anything from knowing or connecting with people — but hope for validation in the event of proper lallygagging and stroking of their egos [in which they do all the gaining].

Or simply give, give and give in hopes that eventually all the favors and freebies will be returned in order to establish a sense of mutual benefit.

As a result of all the time, help and effort given towards what they want out of our “relationship”… perchance it’d be a proper time to ask for reciprocity?

Tell me… Is it truly every man for himself, or nah?

— Passionate.Pacifist