The Extraction Point

“Don’t Ask God To Do FOR You, What Can Only Be Done With or Through You.” — Bob Proctor

Everything is connected. All is a part of all.

When we pray and ask God to do things FOR us — it entails that we wait for something to happen or come to us by the hand of something or someone other than ourselves; mainly because we feel powerless.

That we aren’t the instrument to which what we’re asking for will manifest. When some of the things we truly want out of life, and would ask God FOR — requires US to do it ourselves (in faith) whether we perceive the resources with our immediate animalistic/bodily senses or not.

Because the truth is… we aren’t just BODIES.

We’re creative beings who live life by design, INSIDE of bodies.

We’re just as capable of believing in FEAR and FAILURE as we are in CREATION and SUCCESS.

Forget about yesterday, and use today to be whom you intend to be tomorrow. ACT on the things you KNOW you need to know… because when you know the things you NEEDED to know — you’ll then know the things you DIDN’T KNOW you needed to know.

You’ll BE the version of yourself you needed to be in order to get the things you prayed for. Most importantly, you’ll be the version of yourself that DESERVES it.

Sometimes God needs us to make the first move… even when we feel afraid or ignorant. Because everything that ever will be, always has been.. just not in the same manner.

Therefore, the things you pray for… the things you envision yourself accomplishing in your mind — have already been done.

EVAC has already been set, you just have to get to the “extraction point”.

Everything is connected.

All is a part of all.