The One That Saves Me

Hey guys! Just-Joe, The Human here. Ever just feel like you aren’t yourself? Like, literally — Not your self?

I’ve struggled my entire life thus far, trying to get in-tune with that inner voice I know we all hear…(I know you hear it too — I’m not crazy 😐)

To the point where I “find” myself doing things.

It’s like my body has a mind of it’s own and I’m but a mere passenger, along for the ride — with the occasional “manual override” that is self-control.

It’s like telling a kid to do something and then they do the exact opposite just to piss you off.

Hell, that’s probably how I ended up here in the first place 👽 🌍 ⏳

Mother/Father God sent/brought me here, so I’m obviously supposed to learn something from this twisted human experience.

Although (with said perspective in mind) I kinda feel like I’ve been sent off for boot camp in some rip-off Camp Half Blood to hone my incarnate powers of creativity.

But, like, what sort of knowledge I’m supposed to bring back home?

We all wanna be saved.

Listening to Wonderwall I couldn’t help but see a connection between the lyrics and how I feel about figuring out my existence as a young star.

I mean, maybe that’s what stars are.

All the souls that came before us, illuminating the path of ultimate darkness from a future which has yet to reach it’s own destination.

In the meantime, I think a lot of us have become so lost waiting for a savior that we’ve given up all hope. People just need a new reason to believe again.

I believe. And If I stay true to myself, maybe I’ll be the one to save me.

Maybe If I embody the embody the me I have yet to become I’ll be “saved”?

First of all, if you read along thus far — Thanks for entertaining my deranged humanly nonsense!

What Are Your Thoughts? Who Are You, Tomorrow?