Passive Solutions vs Upwork vs Freelancer

Dave Harington
Mar 31, 2017 · 5 min read

Across the internet, there are hundreds of content platforms that perform various freelancing tasks. Among them, two of the most popular are Upwork and However, one you might never have heard of is Passive Solutions. What will be quickly learned is Passive Solution’s greenness does not make it below Upwork and Freelancer. Though, is it better than the two freelancing juggernauts?

The Benefits of Passive Solutions

First off, unlike other services, Passive Solutions strictly offers writing-based content. This is not a downside; this is a huge benefit. Due to this, and that the platform only accepts competent writers, the focus is primarily on writing. Thus, only the best possible content will be produced. In addition to this, all the projects are based off a bidding system. Each individual writer is assigned an initial star-rating (which can be improved over time) based on their skills and quality of writing.

Depending on the difficulty and extent of the project, you could require a five-star writer to produce content. Also, at any time you feel mistakes have been made or instructions were not followed (if you post a job on the platform), you can request a revision. Writers have 48 hours to produce content; if they do not, it will return to the main platform. At all times, Passive Solutions’ writers are being closely monitored by the management team (which is something not many freelance services will do).

If you are a writer on the platform, one of the biggest benefits is the way the pay is orchestrated. As soon as a client accepts your order, the agreed pay goes directly into your account. From there, once a week, the money will transfer directly into your PayPal account.

The Downsides of Passive Solutions

Looking at the writing side of things, the workload is inconsistent. However, this is primarily due to the platform being relatively new. Currently, there are not too many clients on board. Unfortunately, it takes a long time to become established given how large the internet is. As time goes on, this will become less and less of an issue.

The Benefits of Freelancer

If you have done even an ounce of research on freelancing sites, then odds are you have run across Freelancer. Undoubtedly, the reason freelancers keep coming back (and oftentimes start here) is due to the large workload. Unlike Passive Solutions, Freelancer offers more than just writing content (media, design, etc.). At any given time, there is a job that caters to someone’s skillset. There will never come a time where work is not available. After all, as of 2016, there are over 20 million users on the massive platform.

An often-overlooked advantage to Freelancer is that the platform is run in real-time. This means that (as a writer) you can instantly message a client and they will respond to you with the chat service. Of course, this is dependent on if the client is online while you are. Much like a social media service, it does no good unless both parties are present at the same time.

The Downsides of Freelancer

Unfortunately, there are several major issues that are present with this service. First of all, the pay can be downright atrocious. Warning, this is not the right platform to use if you are trying to become financially independent. While you will find some jobs that offer significant pay, the chances you land that job are slim to none. To start out, you must accept the lowest paying jobs possible to ever have a chance to build your reputation up; which leads right into the next issue.

Remember when the 20 million users on Freelancer was alluded to? What this means is that the competition is fierce and the popularity is through the roof. If you are just starting out, you must compete with users who have already established their reputation. They will win the higher-budget jobs, while you will be struggling to make five dollars in an hour. To wrap it up, there are subscription plans that need to be paid for to gain access to further benefits. Without them, you can only bid on a select few projects a month (among others).

The Positives of Upwork

In a lot of ways, the content that was written for Freelancer could be copied and pasted in this section. That is how closely Upwork resembles Freelancer. Much like them, Upwork has millions of users (over 10) to choose from. As a client, you have many different options to choose from. On the contrary, as a freelancer, there are many different projects that require varying skills to complete. A neat addition to the Upwork platform is that freelancers can be charged on an hourly basis, instead of a fixed budget. Obviously, this would require the client and freelancer to come to a mutual agreement.

The support team at Upwork does a terrific job listening to their members. If you would like to vent a frustration to them, they will read it and react accordingly. They have dashboards and private forums that allow you to do so.

The Downsides of Upwork

The downsides are going to sound familiar to you; as many were present with Freelancer. When using the platform as a freelancer, it can be impossible for you to land a well-paying job. At least, when you are initially starting out. Once again, you must work your way up with jobs that can post as little as 50 cents per hour. Clients who pay that little should be arrested on the spot, but it happens more times than not. In addition, a paid subscription to the site is required if you want to bid on several jobs in a month.

In Conclusion

Honestly, there are only two factors that Upwork and Freelancer have over Passive Solutions. That would be the number of users and work, as well as offering more service besides writing. However, Passive Solutions does a much better job of monitoring their users, has a competitive bidding system where writers have an accurate star-rating and is structured better. Whether as a client or a writer, it is worth your while to join Passive Solutions.

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