Can you see it

By nature, I am an outcome guy. The outcome is the desired effect, it is where you want to end up. It is easy for me to dream about the outcome. I always seem to look ahead and romanticize the future. The nuts and bolts of the systems and process sometimes overwhelm me. You see, I want to see and experience the systems and processes that I am working on…operational and fully functional.

I guess I am an inpatient kind of guy. My father taught me many years ago, that if you can’t see it…before you see it…you’ll never see it. I have the ability to see the outcome that I want to end up with…its getting to that point that sometimes proves challenging.

I have learned that systems and processes…leads to the outcome. In my professional life I have found that shaky systems and incomplete processes…lead to a weak outcome.

The outcome is important…it is the sum of the systems and processes. Systems and processes are the mechanisms that helped develop the outcome and bring it to life.

So as a leader…I must take the time and focus on the systems and processes. This is essential and especially important part of leadership. The organization that I lead is made up mostly of volunteers. I become more aware each day at how important the systems and processes that bring great outcomes are mission critical for the organization. So I must…focus more on the process.

The process is the moving parts that develop the outcome. In life as in leadership this is an important factor to consider. Since the outcome is determined by the processes that are in place. In order to move ahead in life, leaders must concentrate on and think through the processes. The leader should think about where you want the organization to end up. When this is determined, you develop systems and start processes that will move the organization to the point of the outcome.

The organization I lead is currently 4 years into a 12 year plan that was created over 8 years ago. We developed a plan of action and milestones. This document has helped us to stay the course while allowing us to tweak and make adjustments. The course we charted in the beginning changes as more people become apart of the system. Our mission and values stay the same as we adjust and add more people to the organization.

As our circumstances and situations change, we are able to adjust our plans in ways to help us achieve the outcome that we desire. And since we know what we want the outcome to be…our systems and processes have allowed us to modify our course, and develop others that will help us reach our goals which leads to the outcome.

I believe it takes a community. I am encouraging our volunteers and members to focus on the outcome with our community in mind. We truly want to make much of Jesus in the area of our city that He has planted us. So understanding the area helps us in the process.

A church plant is made up of many moving parts. It is developing infrastructure, developing strategies and empowering people to move the ministry and mission of the church toward the outcome.

As we continue to nurture and develop what was once fragile church plant, we cultivate water and develop into what we initially knew we wanted the plant to become. The outcome we desired is now taking shape and is now beginning to look more and more like a healthy church.

We have learned some valuable lessons along the way. If our story can any way help you in any ways as you lea, email me Our ministry team and church family would love to share with you our systems and processes. We will share the good, bad and downright ugly.

I love you all!

Pastor Jeff<><

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