3 Noteworthy Tech M&As: Identifying Threats & Opportunities Using IP Data

  1. Identify threats and opportunities to its ultimate goal, once it has legally and financially attached itself to another entity
  2. Make better decisions about how to navigate these threats and opportunities, to arrive at its desired destination
  1. Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) acquisition of Niara (announced 1 February 2017)
  2. Palo Alto Networks’ (PANW) acquisition of LightCyber (announced 28 February 2017)
  3. Cisco’s acquisition of MindMeld (announced 11 May 2017)

1.) Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) acquires Niara… but to what end?

  1. Patents that are close to Niara’s on the IP landscape could be obstacles to future development
  2. Companies filing patents that cite Niara’s IP could be partners or sources of inspiration

THREAT: infringement dangers on the IP landscape

  • A patent filed by Intralinks, covering “Systems and Methods of Secure Data Exchange” — which is close to Niara’s “System, Apparatus and Method for Prioritizing the Storage of Content Based on a Threat Index”
  • A patent filed by Verizon, covering “Method and System for Providing Behavioral Bi-directional Authentication” — which is close to Niara’s “System, Apparatus and Method for Anonymizing Data Prior to Threat Detection Analysis”

OPPORTUNITY: companies building on Niara’s technology

2.) Palo Alto Networks (PANW) acquires LightCyber… but to what end?

  • Keep an eye on the main innovators and patent filers within cybersecurity
  • Maximise the commercial potential of LightCyber’s intellectual property portfolio

THREAT: main innovators and patent filers

OPPORTUNITY: generating revenue and financial value from IP assets

3.) Cisco acquires MindMeld… but to what end?

  1. Microsoft might make an acquisition (or develop a technology) that neutralises any advantage MindMeld gives Cisco
  2. There is an opportunity to use MindMeld’s market-leading IP as a moat

THREAT: Microsoft might acquire a company (or build a technology) like MindMeld

OPPORTUNITY: use MindMeld’s technology as a marketplace moat



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