Take analysis to a new level with Landscape Animations

Regardless of whether you’re a strategist, scientist, attorney or executive, the dynamic changes and disruptions that take place within different technology areas affect us all. Keeping on top of all these changes can be a tough challenge, but this is where the power of IP landscapes — especially in light of some of our most recent enhancements — really steps up to the challenge.

At PatSnap, we’re focused on ensuring that complex information is readily available and can be easily evaluated. Now, with our most recent releases, which include the ability to animate rapid rises in patent filings within different technologies, assignees, and inventors, a whole new level of analysis can be done on rival companies and technologies. In today’s environment, such depth of insight is all the more vital, given how so many companies are living and breathing technological dynamism — moving their R&D focus in line with swift market changes, and riding the waves of creative destruction.

For example, one technology that is attracting growing interest from an R&D focus or market entry perspective is Virtual Reality. With a PatSnap Landscape, it is possible to quickly track patent applications within this technology field (classification code G06F3/011) with a visual representation of the data. If we carry this out, we can see that there are a wide range of large and innovative companies filing patents in the area. The companies involved range from large global corporations, like Samsung, right the way through to lean start-ups, like Magic Leap.

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Of course, this visual provides a great starting point, but it is only a static snapshot of the current virtual reality technology landscape. It does not give an indication of how the intellectual property arsenals of these companies were built up over time. But, by animating the highlighted groups of assignees, suddenly, we can very clearly see incremental increases in activity and how the focus of innovation shifts over time.

Immersion Corp. may have the fewest patent chips within the area, but, on the other hand, they were the first to file in this technology. Conversely, patents filed by Magic Leap were non-existent in this field until 2015, at which point we see a rapid upsurge in patent applications. In fact, while a static snapshot shows that the most densely populated hill represents ‘Image- and Object-related user interfaces regarding Augmented Reality,’ we now know that this region was hardly populated at all until 2014. The animation therefore points to a dramatic breakthrough in this specific field over the past few years. None of these insights are possible without animating the landscape with the highlighted assignees.

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If you’re searching for potential future technologies for market entry, and want to see how existing players have innovated so far, then the animated view is ideal for evaluating such data. Or, if you’re looking to recalibrate your company’s R&D focus by observing competitors in your field or adjacent fields, again the animated view will provide insight into patterns of ground swell. Or perhaps you are performing due diligence on a company before a potential acquisition deal and want to check details such as the rate of innovation — again it’s definitely a feature worth exploring.

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