Did Google Just Leak the Data Blending Interface in Data Studio?

Google just released one of the biggest updates to Data Studio since it launched last year. Along with some much needed improvements to availability (worldwide woot!), filtering, and segmenting, Google introduced the ability to upload .csv and .txt files to Data Studio. The new file uploader seems pretty intuitive in form and function, but it’s what lies beneath (or just above) that really has me intrigued.

Where did that new data blending interface come from?

While messing around with the new file uploader, I noticed a nondescript drop down panel that was hiding a very interesting interface. From what I can tell, this interface looks like a bare-bones version of what Google has planned for the future of Data Blending within Data Studio.

At the moment, you can only add one data connector to the model, but I imagine Google didn’t build this nice looking UI to just show you one connection. I would suspect that an upcoming release will allow users to blend multiple connections together and link them using a common key or keys. If this is the case, then the final result may be close to the 2nd feature I suggested in my blog post about Top 5 Features Google should add to Google Data Studio.