Taking on Medium

This is pretty slick. Medium is a tool that I can certainly see myslef using to repost articles that I have written, or find interesting. I’m proud to be part of the growing journalism community on Medium.

Did I mention that this site makes it incredibly easy to embed?

#loweclass is drawing to a close and the final project is on the horizon. More and more we are seeing large traditional newspaper outlets like the New York Times or Washington Post create Op-Docs or other documentary style videos. They do this to compete with the growing digital world of journalism and that is what #loweclass is about to do, again.

As you can see here, the New York Times featured this gentlement who looks like Obama in a unique way. The visual story they told about this man could not have been told in a print story. We got to see this man transform into the president in a compelling and emotional manner.

This story is an example of what I hope to accomplish in my #loweclass final. This man has a compelling and emotional story and the fellas at the Times were able to tell it beautifully with their camera work. They captured his emotion and used compelling B-roll by having him flip through his old scrap books or watch old family videos on his computer.

I have done video work before, but I want this final project to be my best yet. The goal for me is that someone shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between my final project and one of these New York Times videos. Hopefully I will be allowed to do a two camera shoot.