A Special Tie to Ohio’s 12th District

Meet Alan Cottrill from Zanesville, Ohio.

The new Ohio statue of Thomas Edison is finally on full display in the U.S. Capitol.

Edison, our country’s most famous inventor, embodies what makes our state so great. It’s a place where we recognize and celebrate hard work, entrepreneurship and true ingenuity.

On Thursday, Graysen, Syd and Ben, from New Albany, joined the first tour to see the new statue.

Their guide told them about Edison — that he was born in Milan, that he invented the incandescent light bulb and that Ohioans chose him to be our statue with a historic vote.

They also learned that Edison now has a unique tie to the 12th district.

Alan Cottrill, from Zanesville, is the distinguished sculptor who made and designed his statue.

As Alan told the Columbus Dispatch at the unveiling on Wednesday, he is now one of only a handful of sculptors who are still alive to see their work in Statuary Hall.

On behalf of our district, I’d like to congratulate Alan on this remarkable achievement.

For years to come, when we walk through the Capitol, we won’t be just telling visitors about the inventor who was born in Milan but also the sculptor from Zanesville.

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