20 Sept 2016 — So, why are you doing this?

Well, I think I’ve hit the wall a bit now.
I got a fair bit done yesterday. The space made in the garage meant that I could put the odd shelf unit that my records had been on straight in there, and put the records right back (sort of) where they came from.

Unfortunately, I got held up when I went back to my old house to pick up some of the last few bits and pieces. I was a bit worried when I first got there that someone might have tried to break in. But it was just that the letterbox flap had broken off. It’s not ideal, but I managed to use the internal flap on the outside instead. I did have to take the brushes off to make it work though, so it’ll be a bit draughty now. If the inner one isn’t robust enough (and it isn’t as easy a grab, so may be roughed up more by junk mail gimps) I can always get a replacement. I looked them up and they’re a lot less expensive than I’d expected.

Anyway, that took quite a while, so my intention of spending the late evening doing the clothes part of the real KonMari process didn’t happen. By the time I got back I was really tired, so headed to bed early. Then this morning, the curse of foresight got me again. 
Hmm, I should really just do x before I get on with y. Basically, I know I’m going to rearrange the bedroom, so I didn’t just clear the floor, I also moved everything from on top of all the furniture.
NOW I can start the final process.

Well, soon. Let’s just have a little ponder first.
Why am I doing this?
I’m not very good at visualising.Which is a shame, as it seems to be a fundamental requirement of self-help books. Well, any that I’ve read anyway. The process of visualisation helps the subconcious to understand what the thinking part of your brain wants it to do. (I am not a scientist.)
So, I guess I’ve neglected that part a little bit.

One of Marie Kondo’s clients had to move everything off the floor of their room and on to the bed when they got up in the morning. And then back from the bed to the floor at the end of their day. Until I moved, I had loads of space available to me, but still had similar experiences without quite having to get my bed involved. It’s been much closer to that since I’ve been in two rooms, and while I’ve been doing this KonMAri prep, the bad has come into play once or twice.

I find it hard to stay focused on anything for any length of time too. More recently that’s not been quite as bad, and I’ve stuck to going around three or four things, without adding any new, exciting hobbies. OF course, multiple hobbies and interests tend to generate a need for more things. Equipment and supplies for each thing.
Hopefully having a more streamlined and simple environment and living space will help me to stay focused. Mainly on game/creative streaming. Playing games and talking to people, possibly even making some pocket money while your at it, and all the time learning new stuff while you effectively run your own tiny TV channel. What a time to be alive!

I’m doing that here:

At least I will be, once I’ve got through this…

Right, finally, KonMari clothes sorting! Ahh, hungry. Better just grab a bite to eat first.