21 Sept 2016 — KonMari proper and through the wall

When I started the last post with a comment about ‘hitting the wall’, it was in the sense that I thought I might be hitting it a bit. Well I definitely hit it. Fairly hard. It’s meant that I’m having to take it easier today, but I’m happy to say that I have managed to make a start on the joy sparking, junk discarding, actual KonMari process.

My clothes are done!

I’m wearing a pair of jeans I don’t remember ever seeing before. Odd huh? Even odder, I’ve discarded just about all of the trousers I usually wore, but have kept a pair that were previously only worn as ‘smart’ wear, and a pair each of trousers and jeans, which I also have no recollection of ever seeing before.

So, I finally got to the meat of this whole shebang. I’ve taken pictures of all my clothes in the drawers and wardrobe (and on the wardrobe), before they all got dumped on the floor to be sorted through. I’m not going to make the collage I intended to though, as I’m having to pace myself now, and do still have a deadline.
But I do have these two pictures of everything ready for the big sort:

There’s bedding and some towels at the back, but that’s still a large pile of clothes. Particularly when I tend to only wear a handful of things from it all. On the other hand, a fair bit was hiding away in bags already, to be sorted out ‘someday’. Well, someday came.

Although I’ve completely bought into the underlying concept of the one-hit de-clutter, I’m not into spiritual things at all. So, I didn’t bother with the thanking of clothes as I discarded them. At least not item by item anyway. Some got a nod of acknowledgment of good times spent wearing them. Others less so.

The process was almost complete last night, but the trying on of the newly discovered (acquired?) trousers had to wait until today. I was a little worried that I’d have no trousers at all at one point. Most of the jeans I’ve been wearing in recent mont… years, haven’t fitted very well. I’ve needed a belt for almost all of them so that they don’t just fall off, and the rest have had at least one thing about them that I didn’t like. But I put up with them for some reason. I was just pulling on the second pair of newly found trousers, which felt as though they might fit as well as the first, and started laughing at the pair of jeans I’d been wearing for the last couple of days. ‘Any more like this and you’re fucked!’
Those jeans are now in the garage…
As are the last two of my belts.

And how do things look post KonMari?

I haven’t got to the KonMari folding method yet, and even though it doesn’t really look like it’ll be necessary with that clothes to storage-space ratio, I will do it anyway.

In that first picture of the clothes in their pile, you can see two large pine chests of drawers. Don’t need them anymore. The wardrobe I’m using there is one of two that were my mum’s, but she didn’t need both. My pine wardrobe was used for mostly none clothing items, but did have coats in. No longer needed. And though not relevant clothing wise (I don’t think anyway), the dressing table that makes up the pine set, had been used for audio cables, for some reason that must have made sense at the time. Not needed.

So it isn’t just discarding things and making space. You can actually remove the need for a lot of furniture as a by product of your KonMari.

Books next.
(And maybe bookshelves?)