Demystifying Sexual Attraction To Children
Ender Wiggin

I’m guessing those azz-hats making positive comments are in fact sick, perverted pedophiles! You pukes are gross! I don’t give a crap about some sick perverts reason for touching a kid! There is no cure for it so who gives a sh*t?! The point is, when one of you creeps touch a child, You ARE destroying that child’s innocence! And No! Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do they enjoy the disgusting vomit-inducing encounter with the worthless excuse for a Human Being! 
Needless to say! Any Puke touches my kids? You’re dead! Period! No trial, no jail time! Just D-E-A-D! And then the whole world will rejoice and say “GOOD RIDDANCE” to the sick sexual deviant! 
Oh and contrary to popular prattle from mentally challenged half-wits! The cause for pedophilia, homosexuality, transgendering, stealing, murdering, cheating on a spouse ALL stem from one little thing that psychotic, arrogant fools are too ignorant to embrace! IT’S CALLED SIN! Sin is NOT one thing either! It can cause people to do bad things that most would consider a small thing like telling lies about a neighbor or co-worker to Big Things like Murder and Child Rape! Sin is like a sick hunger that feeds on negative thoughts, words and especially deeds. The more it is fed, the bigger it grows. The less it is fed, the less it grows.

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