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Shame on those God-Hating bigots who forced John Hopkins to resume those destructive and Satanic surgeries. They are not the cure that fools stupidly claim them to be but rather the final nail in the proverbial coffin. 
The Reason so many Transgendered people try to commit suicide is NOT due to the reasons so many pathological liars claim. That it’s due to lack of support from their parents or community or the so-called “Hateful” religious groups. That’s the explanation of fools who love to play pretend. 
No, the Real reason is due to their going against their true nature. And despite what a bunch of nitwits babble, gender and sex is the same thing. And the actions are very similar to someone with multiple personalities. It’s like bipolar and multiple-personalities all rolled into one. 
There is a cure and it’s called pulling one’s head out of the sand and facing the world of reality instead of retreating into this fantasy driven shell. I know this will prompt many hateful responses from fools who hate God and have abandoned his perfect ways for the imperfect ways of Satan, the world and their sinful flesh. And not believing in God leaves these ignorant fools wide open to all kinds of spiritual assaults to which they have NO DEFENSE! 
The science purporting to support this abomination are pure garbage except to those with a political agenda. Then even the most laughable and spurious findings are “Gospel” and those doubting the fallacious findings are of course “haters”. RME

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