[News] PATHHIVE NETWORK, signed MOU with LEGEL Group in Indonesia.

PATHHIVE NETWORK, drone integrated-control platform company, signed MOU with LEGEL Group in Indonesia.

On November 19th, PATHHIVE NETWORK (PATHHIVE Network) announced that Mr. Daniel Kang (PATHHIVE NETWORK CEO) and Mr. Yoo (LEGEL Group CEO, №1 home shopping company in Indonesia) signed a memorandum of understanding to promise mutual cooperation.

PATHHIVE NETWORK is a company that integrated blockchain technology with a drones flight control system for the first time in the world, and is developing an open platform for drones control that allows anyone to easily produce drones’ paths.

PATHHIVE NETWORK with Path Manager (Web-based path producing tool), enables efficient air traffic control by providing optimal AI path information in real-time and specializes in blockchain technology to encrypt paths information.

With full automatic control AI system and multi-encryption blockchain protocol, PATHHIVE NETWORK aims to realize safe flights of drones.

PATHHIVE NETWORK, signed MOU with LEGEL Group in Indonesia.

The LEGEL Group, which has signed MOU with PATHHIVE NETWORK, is the number one home shopping company in Indonesia, the world’s fourth largest market with a population of 260 million.

The LEGEL was founded in 2007 and operates 24-hours home shopping channel for the first time in Indonesia. In addition to TVs, the group has built a variety of platforms including mobile and online, and has maintained its leading position in home shopping last year. Moreover, the LEGEL Group has 49 branches (including 46 distribution centers and showrooms) covering whole Indonesia, and in Jakarta, has its own broadcasting center for contents production and broadcasting.


“ Through this MOU with LEGEL Group, we has established a bridgehead to Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, the world’s fourth largest market. ”

and LEGEL Group said,

“ In the future, we are going to offer the drone delivery service with PATHHIVE NETWORK. ”

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