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We have a good development team and confidence, whether the drone navigation system or a PHV coin, we will make it shine on this market.

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PATHHIVE NETWORK“The cornerstone of successful commercialization and logistics innovation for drones”

[ 중소기업뉴스= 이권진Reporter]

PATHHIVEK Drone Path Management System Development Corporation (Korean representative 강대준) announced the start of the Korean business plan.

PATHHIVE is an open platform that controls the flight environment of drones through blockchain technology. AI Real-time search for best path information to reduce traffic congestion and provide detailed information, such as landing actual conditions; in particular, autonomous flight rules, weather, geomagnetic interference index, etc. It is expected to achieve the best settings for route and flight data management integration.

PATHHIVE Korea representative 강대준said, “In addition to the large-scale global logistics companies such as Amazon are eager to announce the delivery of drone logistics, the introduction of commercial drones continues to increase in the domestic industry.” And stressed, “PATHHIVE in the current market, it is the cornerstone for the successful realization of drone commercialization and logistics innovation.”

In the following, <중소기업뉴스> met with PATHHIVE Korea representative 강대준 to understand the current status and future vision of PATHHIVE.

Question 1: Please briefly describe the business model pursued by PATHHIVE.

First, create the route. Unlike ships or airplanes, the drone path that PATHHIVE targets is more of a public interest value than a narrow, specific single object. Anyone who wants to use a drone route can create it directly on the PATHHIVE navigation system, not a monopoly.

Second, use the route. The route information is protected by the blockchain, and the information exchanged when the drone uses the route is also protected by the blockchain. In addition, it optimizes the use of big data and AI routes, acting as a control tower for each drone. PATHHIVE contains the ecosystem process of each drone, helping to complete every flight of the drone.

More simply, PATHHIVE wants users to create routes and get rewards, making it easier to use the route infrastructure when drones fly.

Question 2: If you apply this technology to the actual business model, which industries might be active?

The most well-known way is logistics services, without the need to construct infrastructure can be used to many logistics companies. In addition, drones can expand certain areas of agriculture or forestry, pesticide and forestry sectors in the case of pesticide spraying. For pests or forest fires, it will help automatic monitoring and immediate management; in the case of hot water pipe bursting incidents, in terms of prevention, it is possible to dispatch drones to strengthen patrols and manage factories for monitoring and management of various gas leaks. Drones can effectively collect information and collect data on smog problems that are occurring at home and abroad.

The business of using drones like this is still in its infancy, but its use will be endless. I personally think that “only the destination and method of use of drones are unknown.”

Question 3: PATHHIVE’s blockchain technology is associated with virtual currency. What are the current token issuance and listing status and the plans in the future?

The PATHHIVE coin is called “PHV”. It will be used to obtain routes and receive compensation and is currently listed on CoinTiger exchange platform. The Korean domestic exchange is censored by several major exchanges and will be listed as soon as possible.

Question 4: The world is competing in high-tech based on drones. What is the trend of the world drone industry?

The drone industry is mainly divided into hardware and software. In terms of hardware, more than 1,000 companies are active in South Korea, while DJI (Dajiang) in China accounts for 70% of the global market. However, this is almost just camera drones. Currently, companies are developing drones that can be used in a variety of special environments.

The software part is currently developing an operating system for the internal installation of the drone, mainly involving autopilot and various sensors, autonomy, and the use of centralized operating systems, recording and 3D mapping in various fields related to software, and application together. There are also two open platforms that provide information about restricted area information.

Question 5: What is the difference between PATHHIVE and the technical advantages and infrastructure of competitors?

Currently, there is a lack of research on drone control systems. The reason is that the industry is overly focused on improving the autonomous flying and safe flight time (battery performance) of the drone, which is a variety of hardware performance.

PATHHIVE is characterized by the centralized drone automatic flying method to the network. The purpose is to collect drone data in a central control system and operate safely. The central control system will spring up and allow users to directly create drone route.

PATHHIVE is to configure units in the path, 2D map, 3D map and various data provided on the map (national flight regulations, no-fly zone, geomagnetic information, self-interference index, weather information, traffic, etc.), the route designed by the user will also be accumulated and digitized, which is the strength of PATHHIVE.

Question 6: PATHHIVE recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with several multinational companies. What is the brief description of each MOU? What is the synergy and expected direction of the MOU?

At present, we are signing an agreement (MOU) with different blockchain companies at home and abroad, and we are firmly establishing our position in the blockchain ecosystem. Especially after the listing on CoinTiger exchange platform, we have established a solid backing in China. We also signed a MOU with LEJEL Group, Indonesia’s largest family shopping company, and hope to lay the foundation for future drones in Indonesia.

In addition, MOU of MMC Aero Tech Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of drones in China, is expected to make progress in establishing a drone test bench for actual use of PATHHIVE.

Q7. Especially in the Korean market, is there any industry or company that wants to cooperate with PATHHIVE?

Control systems are part of the common interests of many companies and government agencies. For example, national or local government laws, air traffic control systems, airport construction, drone manufacturers, and air traffic infrastructure construction, companies can export all industries through drones, and are ready to cooperate with government agencies and public organizations.

In addition, POSCO Korea also manages hazardous facilities in the factory, and PATHHIVE’s technology allows us to develop with companies that require similar management. It can even work with police, fire and forestry authorities to control all crimes and forest fires, or in cooperation with the Meteorological Agency, drones will be equipped with sophisticated haze measurement equipment for more accurate predictions.

Question 8: What are the technical directions and business objectives for PATHHIVE to invest and develop in the future?

The focus now is on concentrating on the more convenient and efficient application of drones in the real industry. I think the more passive drones flying in the sky, the more complicated the drone management, the more PATHHIV’s integrated control system will shine.


PATHHIVE “成功将无人机商业化与物流革新的奠基石”

[中小企业新闻= 이권진记者]



PATHHIVE韩国代表강대준说,“除了亚马逊等全球大型物流企业们都在争先恐后地宣布无人机物流交付服务外,商用无人机的引入也持续在韩国国内同行业界中增加。” 并强调,“PATHHIVE在目前的市场上,它是成功实现无人机商业化和物流创新的奠基石。”




第二、使用路线。路线信息受区块链保护,无人机使用路线时交换的信息也受区块链保护。此外,它还优化了大数据和AI路线的使用信息,充当每个无人机的管制塔。 PATHHIVE包含每个无人机的生态系统过程,帮助完成无人机的每一趟飞行。





问题3: PATHHIVE的区块链技术与虚拟货币相关联。目前的代币发行和上市状态以及未来计划是什么?



无人机行业主要分为硬体和软体。就硬件而言,有超过1,000家公司在韩国活跃,而在中国DJI (大疆)公司占据了全球70%的市场份额。然而,这几乎只是空拍无人机,目前,各家公司们正在开发各种特殊环境下能使用的无人机。



问题5: PATHHIVE与竞争对手的技术优势和基础设施有何区别?




问题6: PATHHIVE最近与几家跨国公司签署了谅解备忘录(MOU)。每份谅解备忘录的简要说明是什么?通过谅解备忘录的协同作用和预期方向是什么?

目前,在国内外与不同的區块鍊企业签署协议(MOU),我们正在稳固地建立我们在区块链生态系统中的地位。尤其在CoinTiger(币虎交易所)上市後,我們在大中国圈像是建立了坚实的后盾。我们还与印度尼西亚最大的家庭购物公司LEJEL Group签署了谅解备忘录(MOU),并希望为與未来印度尼西亚的无人机共同奠定基础。

此外,目前中国的无人机制造制造商MMC Aero Tech Co.,Ltd的谅解备忘录(MOU)预计将在建立实际用于通过PATHHIVE的无人机试验台方面取得进展。




问题8: PATHHIVE将来会投资和发展的技术方向和业务目标是什么?



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PATHHIVE NETWORK is AI-Powered Drone Control Platform Built on Three Blockchains. The PATHHIVE NETWORK will lead drones to “All New Airspace World”

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