Pathhive_Network Extending business domain in Korea.

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A few years ago, when the Korean stock market and the gold market were in a downturn, many individual investors turned their interest to invest in virtual currency. After a period of resounding, there is no one in South Korea who doesn’t knows about virtual currency. The currency investor number of South Korean is 3.5 million to 4 million, accounts for 8% of South Korea total population, the public’s enthusiasm for currency investment is evident. South Korea is even the third largest virtual currency market in the world, second only to the United States and Japan.

In 2018, PATHHIVE NETWORK through the blockchain technology built a 100% drone path system (MVP system) for all users, and created a drone path virtual currency (PHV coin) by Ethereum technology, formally launched on the China CoinTiger exchange platform on March 14, 2019. From this year, 2019, PATHHIVE NETWORK is aiming at extending business domain in South Korea. The primary target is launch the PHV coin on several main exchange platforms. In order to let Korean users have more interest on PATHHIVE NETWORK and deepen understanding of PHV coins, PATHHIVE NETWORK care about Korean users. First, we created an open chat room of KakaoTalk application, interact with users and hold community events; established social media group on Naver Blog- the blog website on the largest search engine website in Korea, and the setting-up of Korean Telegram channels. through the updating Korean articles and shared related information, has enabled more people to recognize, also reduce users’ doubts about PATHHIVE NETWORK. With a great development and growth of the PATHHIVE NETWORK community in Korea, PATHHIVE NETWORK has gradually stabilized the foundation of the Korean cryptocurrency market, and let more people realize the value of PATHHIVE NETWORK. In addition, PATHHIVE NETWORK Technology Development Department is also working on the development of 2D, 3D maps and PHV coin smart wallets in the drone. We hope that people will be able to successfully carry them with drones after they are familiar with PHV coins. Not only the general public, but also looking forward that the development of the drone path system can cooperate with the Korean government to play in public affairs.

PATHHIVE NETWORK在2018年为所有用户打造一个100%全民无人机航路的系统(MVP系统),并透过以太坊技术开创了无人机路径虚拟货币(PHV币),于2019年3月14日正式在中国CoinTiger数字资产综合交易平台上币。 2019年起,PATHHIVE NETWORK经营版图放眼韩国市场,首要目标即是韩国几家交易平台上币。为了让韩国民众能更广泛接触PATHHIVE NETWORK及加深认识PHV币,PATHHIVE NETWORK体贴韩国用户习惯,首先创建了KakaoTalk 开放聊天室,与用户们互动并举办社群活动;并在韩国最大搜寻引擎网站NAVER. com上透过Naver Blog平台同步更新韩文文章,透过文字介绍消除用户对PATHHIVE NETWORK的疑虑;通过韩文官方电报群(Telegram),向用户们发布与分享PATHHIVE NETWORK和PHV相关信息。随着PATHHIVE NETWORK社群在韩国的不断发展与壮大,逐渐稳固PATHHIVE NETWORK进入韩国的加密货币市场的基础,并且让更多的人认识到了PATHHIVE NETWORK的价值。除此之外,PATHHIVE NETWORK技术部也在着手开发无人机导航系统(MVP)中的2D、3D地图与PHV币智能钱包,希望民众们在熟悉PHV币之后,能够顺利将之与无人机导航结合运用,除了一般民众外,PATHHIVE NETWORK也期待无人机航路系统的开发,能与韩国官方共同合作,发挥在公共事务上。


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PATHHIVE NETWORK is AI-Powered Drone Control Platform Built on Three Blockchains. The PATHHIVE NETWORK will lead drones to “All New Airspace World”

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