[News] PATHHIVE NETWORK was invited as a key speaker of ‘2018 ASEAN Digital Assets Summit’.

PATHHIVE NETWORK was invited as a key speaker of
‘2018 ASEAN Digital Assets Summit’.

PATHHIVE NETWORK, drone flight control platform company, announced that they were invited as a key speaker of ‘2018 ASEAN Digital Assets Summit’, which was held in Bangkok, Thailand.

The 2018 ASEAN Digital Assets Summit, held at Bangkok Convention Center on the 9th of this month, was a blockchain Summit in Thailand, which is emerging as the blockchain center of ASEAN countries.

In this summit, PATHHIVE NETWORK made a speech with the title “All New Airspace World”.

In the speech, he reviewed the economic base of the blockchain industry in ASEAN countries, especially Thailand, and the possibility of development as an industry. Also he presented PATHHIVE NETWORK project as an intersection of drone industry and blockchain industry and its potential growth of future technology industry in ASEAN.

Thailand is the “Focal Point” in ASEAN countries and has a huge market of nearly 70 million populations. The government is accelerating the layout of digital infrastructure and technology to achieve the 2021 economic development plan. Thailand has rapidly introduced and improved its policies because of the blooming market of digital assets. Thailand has gradually emerged as the center of the Southeast Asia Blockchain.

The summit was attended by more than 1,000 attendees, more than 30 executives, more than 50 speakers and more than 100 media partners, including industry experts from ASEAN, China and the United States, investment companies and government agencies.

According to local media, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, Korn Dabbaransi who was a key speaker of the summit, said,

“The innovation of financial technology and blockchain technology is coming. Digital asset is a future trend and you can find unlimited opportunities in Thailand.”
“We hope that more legitimate financial science companies come in and help each other.”

And Archari Suppiroj, Director of SEC, explained the details of Thailand digital assets management policy and said that the Thai government encourages the development of blockchain companies that are legal.

PATHHIVE NETWORK is a company that integrated blockchain technology with a drones flight control system for the first time in the world, and is developing an open platform for drones control that allows anyone to easily produce drones’ paths.

PATHHIVE NETWORK with Path Manager (Web-based path producing tool), enables efficient air traffic control by providing optimal AI path information in real-time and specializes in blockchain technology to encrypt paths information. With full automatic control AI system and multi-encryption blockchain protocol, PATHHIVE NETWORK aims to realize safe flights of drones.

On 19th of this month, PATHHIVE NETWORK has already announced that they signed an MOU with LEJEL Group in Indonesia, and increased their competitiveness in the ASEAN market.

PATHHIVE NETWORK said “It was really meaningful that our project was introduced in Bangkok, Thailand, which is the center of ASEAN countries, and invited as a speaker. The ASEAN countries are still in the early stages of the blockchain industry, however, they have the great potential to grow rapidly in the near future and the favorable attitudes of each governments can be a driving force.

Through the 2018 ASEAN Digital Assets Summit, we could read its positive stance on the block-chain industry in Thailand and further, the ASEAN market. Also we had a meaningful time to check the necessary matters to secure the ASEAN market by discussion with Thai government officials, financial industry officials, and blockchain infrastructure industry officials at the event. ”

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