PHV & LBANK Activities are all over.

Jun 12 · 1 min read

1. Predict PHV limit-up day

A total of 211 people predicted correctly (the PHV has a continuous limit-up of 3 days), and the correct user can share 2 BTC, each person can get 0.009478 BTC. Activity rewards have been issued, users can log in to LBank account to check.

  1. 预测PHV涨停天数

共有211个人预测正确(PHV的连续涨停天数为3天),回答正确的用户可共同瓜分 2 BTC,每人可获得 0.009478 BTC。活动奖励已发放,大家可自行登陆LBank账户进行查收。

2. 20 BTC Compensation, PHV Options Trading Contest

The compensation has exceeded the total amount of the activity fund and the activity is automatically terminated. Due to the over-compensation, we will pay the compensation in the order of the loss of the user’s transaction.

2. 20 BTC补偿金,PHV期权交易大赛


The list of each options trading contest 👇 每期交易清单(共十五期)


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