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PATHHIVE Drone commercial and blockchain technology collision.

In the 23rd Online live of the, Daniel Kang, CEO of PATHHIVE NETWORK, was invited to share his views on the development of drones, the combination of drone business and blockchain technology, a comprehensive and detailed interpretation of the PATHHIVE NETWORK project.


◆PATHHIVE: Create an open platform, blockchain technology to control the drone flight environment

New technology has grown rapidly over the past 10 years, and drones are an amazing piece. There are more than 1,000 companies are active in South Korea, and 70% global market in China. However, this is almost just camera drones. Currently, companies are developing drones that can be used in a variety of special environments.

According to latest forecast, global drone service revenue will grow to $22.7 billion in 2026. By then there will be a large number of users who need drone-related flight information on the central control system. PATHHIVE NETWORK think that in the past the industry has been overly focused on improving the autonomous flying and safe flight time (battery performance) of the drone, which is a variety of hardware performance, now it is time to start researching the drone control system.

PATHHIVE is an open platform that controls the flight environment of drones through blockchain technology. AI Real-time search for best path information to reduce traffic congestion and provide detailed information, such as landing actual conditions; in particular, autonomous flight rules, weather, geomagnetic interference index, etc. It is expected to achieve the best settings for route and flight data management integration.

◆PATHHIVE: Drone commercialization and logistics innovation.

PATHHIVE NETWORK issued the coin called “PHV”, responsible for the PATHHIVE operating system. Users can make a path by purchasing PHV. The system can create a certain path according to the number of PHV purchased by the user. This ensures that the user can create a reliable path. will make it reasonable and economical. The users can also pay for each usage fee through PHV coins in a reasonable and economical way.

PATHHIVE NETWORK is the cornerstone of successful commercialization and logistics innovation for drones in the current market. PATHHIVE NETWORK has technology development staff with years of development experience in South Korea such as Samsung, LG, KT, Korean Air, etc., and invited the University of California, J.D. (now a member of the Korean Ministry of Justice), the University of Stuttgart, Ph.D (now a member of the Korea Economic Cooperation and Development Department), the Blizzard Entertainment engineer and the lawyer of the US law firm as PATHHIVE NETWORK consultants; With such a strong background team, PATHHIVE NETWORK gained the trust and investment of many well-known companies such as ZB, OKEX, and Sky Chain, etc., in the early stage of market development.

◆PATHHIVE Drone:targeting the public interest, not narrower specific objects.

The PATHHIVE NETWORK development team is currently working on the development of 2D and 3D maps in the drone navigation system, hoping to build a more complete drone navigation system for users to complete each safe flight.

The most well-known way is logistics services, without the need to construct infrastructure can be used to many logistics companies. In addition, drones can expand certain areas of agriculture or forestry, pesticide and forestry sectors in the case of pesticide spraying. For pests or forest fires, it will help automatic monitoring and immediate management.

In terms of prevention, it is possible to dispatch drones to strengthen patrols and manage factories for monitoring and management of various gas leaks. Drones can effectively collect information and collect data on smog problems that are occurring at home and abroad. The business of using drones like this is still in its infancy, but its use will be endless.。Therefore, PATHHIVE NETWORK is preparing to work with government (Forest Bureau, Central Weather Bureau, etc.), public organizations or similar management companies to control crime and disaster. PATHHIVE targets is more of a public interest value than a narrow, specific single object.

◆PATHHIVE: Develop Drone map like Google World Maps

The PATHHIVE project is currently in infancy and is developing a system similar to the Google Maps tool that can be used to specifically create and draw drone paths on a network world map. Also developing a 2D-based route implementation, hoping to see the 2D map of the drone route as soon as possible. At the same time, the 3D engine is also being researched and developed to implement a 3D-based drone route, and when it is completed, the 2D map can be converted to a 3D path map. In the 3D world map, it is desirable to be able to store and use path information in blockchain data and to increase processing speed.PATHHIVE NETWORK project is very large, with a development plan of about 10 years, and we are working hard for a complete project development.

In the past, our project was rarely listed on IEO, but PATHHIVE is trying to make more good way to a wider range of users and run IEO on the exchanges to gain users’ support. We hope to increase the value of drone through IEO and further develop the PATHHIVE project.

At present, we are signing an agreement (MOU) with different blockchain companies at home and abroad, and we are firmly establishing our position in the blockchain ecosystem. Especially after the listing on CoinTiger exchange platform, PATHHIVE hopes to build a solid backing in China. We also signed a MOU with LEJEL Group, Indonesia’s largest family shopping company, and hope to lay the foundation for future drones in Indonesia.

◆PATHHIVE Token Allocation

Personal investment 10%

Development team 10%

Marketing & Business 20%

Path reward 20%

Reserve & Airdrop 15%

Investment partner 15%

Bounty 5%

Advisor 5%


加密情报局第二十三期邀请了PATHHIVE NETWORK CEO 姜大俊,为我们分享他对无人机发展的看法、无人机商业与区块链技术的结合以及全方位详细解读PATHHIVE NETWORK项目。




根据最新预测,2026年全球无人机服务收入将增长到227亿 美元,届时中央控制系统上会如雨后春笋出现大量需要无人机相关飞行讯息的用户,PATHHIVE NETWORK认为过去该行业过度专注于改善无人机的自动驾驶系统和安全飞行时间(电池性能),即各种硬体性能部分,现在应该要开始针对无人机控制系统进行研究。

PATHHIVE NETWORK是一个开放式平台,可通过区块链技术控制无人机的飞行环境。实时搜索AI最佳路径信息以减少交通拥堵状况并提供详细信息,例如着陆地实际状况;特别是提供自主飞行的无人驾驶各种飞行规则、天气、地磁干扰指数等,实现路线和飞行数据管理整合的最佳设置。


PATHHIVE NETWORK 所发行通证为“PHV”,负责PATHHIVE运营生态系统。用户可以通过购买PHV币来编写路径。系统可根据用户购买的PHV币数量创建一定的路径,这可以保证用户创建了可靠的路径,用户也能以合理且经济实惠的方式,透过PHV币支付每次的使用费。

PATHHIVE NETWORK在目前的市场上,它是成功实现无人机商业化和物流创新的奠基石。PATHHIVE拥有韩国Samsung、LG、KT、大韩航空等多年开发经验的技术开发人员,并邀请到加州大学法学博士(现任韩国法务部委员),德国斯图加特大学博士(现任韩国经济合作发展部理事),美国暴风雪娱乐公司工程师及美国合法律师事务所律师担任顾问,这些人力资源让PATHHIVE NETWORK在市场开发初期,即获得ZB, OKEX, 天链资本等多家知名公司的信赖与投资。


PATHHIVE NETWORK技术团队目前正在着手开发无人机导航系统中的2D及3D地图,希望能建构更完善的无人机导航系统,供使用者完成每一趟安全飞行。无人机在运用合作方面,针对物流服务,将无需建构基础设施,便能够将无人机运用于许多物流公司;此外,无人机在进行农药喷洒的情况下,能够扩大农业的某些地区或林业范围,农林部门对于病虫害或森林火灾,将有助于自动监测和即时管理;在预防方面,能够派出无人机加强巡逻,针对各种气体泄漏的监测管理来管理工厂。无人机可以有效地收集信息,并收集有关国内外正在发生的雾霾问题的数据。像这样使用无人机的业务虽然仍处于起步阶段,但它的使用将是无穷无尽的。为此,PATHHIVE NETWORK正准备与政府机构(林务局、气象厅等等)、公共组织或类似的管理公司合作,控制犯罪和灾难,PATHHIVE NETWORK所瞄准的是更多的公共利益价值,而不是针对狭隘的特定单一对象。


目前PATHHIVE项目处于初始阶段,正在开发一种类似Google地图工具,用于在网络世界地图上可以具体创建并绘制路径的管理器。还在开发基于2D的路线实施,希望能够尽快看到2D地图的无人机路线。与此同时,也正在研究和开发3D引擎以实现基于3D的无人机路线,当它完成时,可以将2D地图转换为3D路径地图。而在3D世界地图中,则希望能够以区块链数据存储和使用路径信息,并提高处理速度。 PATHHIVE NETWORK的项目非常庞大,整体有一个大约10年的发展计划,并且正在为一个完整的项目开发持续付出努力。


目前,PATHHIVE在国内外与不同的区块链企业签署协议(MOU),正在稳固地建立其在区块链生态系统中的地位。在CoinTiger(币虎交易所)上市后,PATHHIVE更希望在中国建立坚实的后盾。PATHHIVE还与印度尼西亚最大的家庭购物公司LEJEL Group签署了谅解备忘录(MOU),希望为印度尼西亚的无人机发展共同奠定基础。











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PATHHIVE NETWORK is AI-Powered Drone Control Platform Built on Three Blockchains. The PATHHIVE NETWORK will lead drones to “All New Airspace World”