The PHV on LBANK subscription event ended perfectly on May 22 (UTC+8), 2 hours reached 15.83 million USDT

PHV项目认购活动于5月22日 (UTC+8)完美结束,2小时抢购额度达 1583 万 USDT

May 23 · 2 min read

LBank Solar 系列「Saturn」项目 PHV 在5月22日19:30–21:30 (UTC+8) 时间段进行了认购。据LBank消息,此次总计有效认购订单 USDT 价值为 1,583 万USDT,有效认购总人数为 5,349 人。

The #LBANK Solar series “Saturn” project #PHV was subscribed on May 22 from 19:30–21:30 (UTC + 8). According to LBank, the total effective subscription order USDT value is 15.83 million USDT, and the total number of participants is 5,349.

PHV(PATHHIVE NETWORK) 将在5月23日19:30 (UTC+8) 首发上线LBank GEM(LBank创新交易区),开启 PHV/USDT 交易对,敬请期待。

PHV (PATHHIVE NETWORK) will be launched on May 23 at 19:30 (UTC + 8) on LBank , start the PHV / USDT trading, let’s stay tuned.


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