The 24-Hour Hack for Savings:

In my last blog I talked about why saving is so important and why you should start saving from an early age.

In this blog I’m going to tackle the biggest obstruction/challenge we face while saving: Impulsive buying.

Often times we really don’t think logically while making any impulsive purchase, the emotional part of the brain takes over and later we regret of overall making that purchase.

Here’s where the 24- hour rule comes in. When you get an emotional reaction to some stuff you want to buy, hold that thought!

Give yourself a minimum of 24 hours to think it out. In that time period, your brain will unconsciously calculate all the pros and cons of purchasing that item, moreover you’ll have a better understanding of how you’re going to use that product once you have it or even if you’d use that daily!

After having all these data you’ll be left with a fresh perspective of whether you’d wanna go ahead with that emotional reaction but only this time, logically. A lot can happen in this time frame and generally, it will be a much wiser decision.

That’s it!

Now, next time you feel like getting that fancy dress, give yourself 24-hours. 😺



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