Get ready for building a sexual relationship!

What do you think that your lover deny my offer to screw? Let me see, it doesn’t mean I want to f*** my lover intensely but rather I wanna express my love. That is the outline of my failure story: in conclusion, I jumped to conclusion. Even if my lover was secretly pleased to have sex with me, I shouldn’t have played on her desires. I am Japanese and she is Japanese, too. That fact makes our love affair more complicated in terms of the relationship.

Could you tell me why people who love the things making them sweet gets shy just when they start having the sex? And on top of that, she is eager to give me a caress. I was surprised that she said “I don’t feel like a sex.”

And now, for something completely different, I wanna share my favorite lyrics of song “Beautiful” by Carly Rae Jepsen feat. Justin Bieber. This is it: “What makes you so beautiful is you don’t know how beautiful you are, to me. You’re not trying to be perfect. Nobody’s perfect but you are, to me.” That lyrics is an inspirational, wonderful, and dazzling. Justin Bieber’s songs and lyrics give me full of a courage that I can do everything from soup to nuts.

So, I tell you what, I wanna get back to talking about my failure story. I’d just like to say one important thing. Keeping my cool is essential in creating a relationship. Let’s say I am right. Then, how about a sexual relationship? Of course, it is between me & my lover. I think it’s OK to make haste as far as I can tell. Building a sexual relationship is the same as gratifying our passions. If my opinion is right, I don’t think sensual appetite should come under control.

That’s why, another day I meet my lover delivers a good day for each other! Wish me luck!