Spec Script Deals: Mid-2017 Report
Scott Myers

TWO questions:

  1. Will screenwriting gurus say “Yeah, but…” and declare as anomalies these ‘years of the drama’? Because gurus on youtube are adamant that first-time screenwriters “Don’t write dramas. Dramas do not sell.” And…
  2. How “big” do you reckon the subject of a historical drama needs/wants to be? I often know that I am fascinated by/want to tell a person’s story, but don’t know if their story is movie-worthy per se.

For example, one criticism I’ve seen of movies about real life people is that the writer/filmmaker inflated the significance of the person’s place in history, as if to say their story wasn’t important enough to warrant a film. “The Runaways” is the movie I’m thinking of, but there have been others. Anyway, yeah, historical dramas. Love ‘em.

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