Everything You Need To Know About The Oster Hair Clipper Brand

Oster Hair Clippers

The history of the Oster® Brand began in 1924 when Mr. John Oster saw an opportunity to market a hand-operated hair clipper. The new product was designed to cut and style women’s hair. Four years later, a new motor-driven clipper was introduced, and soon, The John Oster Manufacturing Company became a manufacturer of choice for professionals in the grooming industry. Goodman’s carries a full line of Oster clippers, animal clipper, Golden A5 clippers, Turbo A5 clippers, Classic 76 clippers, horse clippers, dog grooming clippers, pet clippers, trimmers, clipper parts, clipper blades, combs and more.

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With the advent of World War II, Oster turned from its established markets and began to produce electric motors for military aviation. At the conclusion of the war Oster went back to producing products for the civilian market, but leveraged its wartime experience by branching into the small electric appliance market. In 1946, Oster purchased the Stevens Electric Company. Stevens had invented the liquifying blender, receiving its first patent for the device in 1922. Once the Stevens acquisition was complete, the blender was rebranded. Thus the Osterizer was born, the iconic American blender that has graced millions of kitchens since the end of the war.

What to look for when buying a hair clipper of Oster Brand?

Before you decide on any particular model of hair clipper and trimmer of Oster Brand, consider what for you’re going to use it. If you plan to cut hair on a regular basis (for example, if you work as a barber in a professional salon), choosing a professional, multi-functional device is important. It will easily cut through any hair types and remove large volume of hair in one go. In case you look for a hair clipper to use at home and save some money on barber’s service, you can opt for a hair trimmer. Trimmers are good and functional, but they aren’t as powerful as professional haircutting sets.

Most haircutting sets include different Accessories and a number of various attachments and combs for haircut customization. On changing these attachment guides, you can customize the volume of hair that you’d like to cut. You should also pay attention to the shortest and longest hair lengths which can be done with the included kit.

To differentiate between haircutting tools for home and professional use, pay attention to the motor type. Clippers with a rotary or pivot motor are commonly recognized as the most powerful and thus, frequently purchased by professional barbers. Such clippers work with various hair length, thickness and coarseness. They also have adjustable blades for disinfection, replacement and easy clean up off the hair. Clippers with rotary motors can be used without a break for a long time. If you look for reliable and durable hair clippers to use either at salon or at home, you can go for hair clippers with a rotary motor.

Powerful and reliable hair clippers all work off the mains. Plugged in the power outlet, they can be used for a long time without a break. The only drawback one could spot is dependency on the electricity. A short cord may also cause discomfort, so it’s worth considering its length before making a purchase. Hair clippers with built-in batteries are good for those who’d like to keep the tool at hand away from home. Such clippers ensure smooth operation, they are great for hair, beard contouring and trimming. On a full charge they can work for about 30–60 minutes while recharging the unit itself usually takes about 8–10 hours. The optimal choice for most is a rechargeable hair clipper that combines possibilities of the two.

We recommend you to consider design and size of a tool so that it comfortably fits in your hand and doesn’t cause hand fatigue. The handle should have some rubberized components in order not to slip. Some hair clippers have special chambers that vacuum the cut hair, so that you needn’t sweep the floor after each haircut. They usually a bit heavier than the units without this chamber, but more convenient to use on a whole. Consider what’s included in the packaging to make cleanup easier. Some hair clippers can be rinsed right by the water while others should be cleaned with a special brush and lubricated with oil. Hopefully, now you know all you need to know and can get the best hair clipper.

Bottom Line

Oster Professional Products has been supplying high quality professional styling tools. Oster Hair Clippers — 166 results like Oster Fast Feed Clipper With Adjustable Blade, Oster Long Lasting Juice Li+ion Cord/cordless Adjustable Hair Clipper 76110–010. The PowerMax is a two speed clipper with a powerful rotary motor. Oster Professional Products has been supplying high quality professional styling tools to individual hair stylists and barbers for over 100 years. Your source for a Oster clipper or trimmer for home or hair salon use.

Oster classic 76 clipper Reviews

The Classic 76 Clippers is a widely famous clipper. Barbers and hairsylists love it for it’s durability, heavy-duty performance and powerful motor. This single speed clipper will cut through all hair types all day, wet or dry! The housing unit of the clippers was designed as ultra-durable and break-resistant. The Classic 76 comes with a 9 foot cord to give you lots of room to work and operates very quietly.