5 Things You Can Do with the Cremated Ashes of Your Loved Ones

The growing popularity of cremation, as highlighted in a report by TIME filmmaker Shaul Schwarz, has lead to a big concern about cremated ashes. After collecting the ashes in an urn, what can the friends and family of the deceased probably do with the cremated ashes? If you too have recently organized cremation of a close someone and are struggling to find the answer to the question, we give you five options to consider.

1. Keep Them at Home

The simplest thing to do with the cremation ashes is to safely keep them at home. Figure out space at home to store the cremation urn of your loved one there. Decorate it and purchase a beautiful urn to store the remains of the deceased. You can easily find an urn at online stores at reasonable prices thanks to the discount offered on the Urns. Keeping the urn with cremated ashes at home will help develop a feeling that the deceased is still with you.

2. Scatter Them

A popular option among friends and family of the deceased is to scatter the cremated ashes at a place closest to the person. It can be a garden or lake where the person liked spending most of their time. Scattering the ashes in a national park or lake requires a permit to do so. Make sure you get the necessary permission from the authority before taking such a step.

3. Plant Them

Another way of remembering and giving “life” to your loved ones even after they are gone is by using their cremation ashes to plant a tree. Several organizations are offering service wherein they mix the ashes with useful nutrients so that they can be used to grow a plant in a place of your choice.

4. Bury Them

Burying the cremation urn is an excellent option for those who want to have a special place to visit any pay homage to their loved ones every year. If you are a Catholic, the Vatican recommends that you only bury the ashes in “sacred places” such as cemetery or a columbarium (a mausoleum for cremation urns).

5. Turn them Into Jewelry

Getting jewelry made of ashes is still a relatively new option but it is slowly gaining popularity. Several companies can turn the cremated ashes into a shiny jewelry such as pendants, bracelets, chain, and bands that you can always wear and feel the loved ones are always close to you. You may also opt to get the cremated ashes turned into hand-blown glass or stained glass that you can store as a showpiece and admire for a long time.

Wrap Up

Losing a loved one is an emotionally draining moment. During this time it can be extremely difficult to determine the best way to remember them. It may be better to take some time, recollect yourself before planning how to honor the last wishes of the deceased and what to do with their cremation ashes. Till then you may buy a cremation urn and store the ashes safely in it. You may check the comprehensive range of urns available at online stores and select the most suitable one. Many online stores offer a discount on Urns, thereby, helping you save money on getting the cremation urn and divert it in organizing the cremation and memorial ceremony.

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