An Open Letter By A #NeverHillary Supporter Who Is Definitely Not Vladimir Putin
Full Frontal

What people fail to see is that change comes slowly especially when you want to change massive systems eg: democracy in country 330+ million strong, or a massive financial system. These systems have been put in place and refined for decades and cannot be pivoted with a single election. You know why ? Because it will leave the country even more divided. You will have the remaining population/interests clawing back/pushing back and resisting with all they got. A better way to change is incremental changes. What is key here is the arc of the change — conservative or progressive. With Obama adm. that arc has been strongly to the progressive side. We want to continue the trajectory each time moving more and more to the left in small incremental steps. It took this great country a lot of time to get here and to make it perfect we need all to chip to move it slowly in the right direction.

Make your voice heard for the most progressive agenda that is fine. But if your candidate doesnt win, the right thing is not to stall this ‘progressive leaning’ movement, it is to push for progressive items onto the nominee’s platform and then analyze and see how to better involve yourself in the next election to get even more things you want. Yes that will take a long time but that is how it works. Important, fundamental society transforming changes come slow and with everyone’s involvement.

And the very best way to defeat this progressive movement and everything that you stand for is by not engaging and not voting. If the change we are trying push comes slow, what do you think happens if we regress ? Already we have the house AND senate in republican control. The presidency is the last check (3 branches of govt, check and balances… well known facts right?) for conservative legislation wrecking much need social help for vulnerable parts of our society. It will be a dire state of affairs indeed for all the things progressives stand for if the WH,(in this election) the judiciary and the congress all fall into the hands of republicans. You want a preview ?See what is happening in Kansas or Louisiana.

If you think the system is rigged, don’t let it slip to a point where you will be marginalized to having no voice at all. Get involved and change it from within knowing that it is a slow process.

my 2 cents.

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