Travis Kalanick: Monster or Martyr? What Silicon Valley Can Learn from His Fate

Lessons about leadership and culture from Silicon Valley’s latest controversy

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Travis Kalanick: Martyr or Monster?

Bad Decisions Don’t (Necessarily) Mean Bad People

“Our actions and decisions are often the result of our environment and circumstances, not our personality.”

As a startup CEO, it is so important to take ownership over the environment you create early on in your business.

From Vietnam to Silicon Valley: Environment is Everything

Travis Kalanick and the Fundamental Attribution Error

“But through their ‘win at all costs’ mentality, Travis and his team may have unintentionally created an environment they lost control of.”

Stopping the Steam Engine

Travis was trying to slam on the breaks and fix the culture problem.

The Power (and Danger) of Habits When Creating Your Culture

“Bad habits, as most of us know, are much harder to correct than one-time mistakes.”

As a Leader, You’re a Role Model: Act Like It

Your people will use your actions as the ultimate guide of what’s acceptable and what isn’t.

Good Intentions Only Take You So Far

If you want to build a great company — not just a financially successful company — never lose touch with your values, your team, your environment, or your culture.

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