Recently, I saw the 25 Headlines challenge put out by Upworthy. For those of you who don’t know, this challenge is too write 25 Headlines and then pick your top three and post them to see their worth. “Easy!” I thought, “I’m a creative guy, this should be no problem!” So I chose my prior article about what is currently going on with Captain America and got to work.

And, in truth, it wasn’t as bad as some people made it out to be. People said that ‘true madness appears between numbers 15 and 20.’ I did not have such a problem. Oh no no no!

True madness appears when you have 5 title left to come up with. When freedom is so close that you can taste it, but you can not reach it. You can see the depths of my insanity the further down I go on the list.

1. Marvel Comics calls out Donald Trump.

2. Captain America compares Trump to Hitler

3. Hail Trump

4. Marvel Comics compares Trump to Hitler

5. Captain America hates Donald Trump

6. Trump makes Captain America rage again

7. Marvel Compares Donald Trump to a nazi

8. Captain America calls Trump a Nazi

9. Why comic books are better for your kids than you think

10. Captain America calls Trump a Nazi

11. You wont believe who Marvel Comics called out

12. Marvel Comics throws shade, and you wont guess where

13. 3 ways comics changed history

14. 3 times comic books called it like it was

15. 3 reasons comic books are more important than you think

16. 3 reasons Captain America is more important than you think

17. 3 times comic books call it like it is

18. Donald Trump calls art ‘useless’, Marvel Comics destroys him

19. Marvel Comics calls Donald Trump a Nazi

20. Marvel Comics calls Donald Trump Hitler

21. Marvel Comics roasts Donald Trump in new Captain America comic

22. Marvel Comics compares Donald Trump to Nazis, and why they might be right

23. Captain America Calls Donald Trump a Nazi, and why he might not be wrong

24. Marvel Comics wrote about Donald Trump, and what they said might scare you

25. Why Donald Trump is a super villain

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