The Unreal Experience of London Real Business Accelerator

“What the hell am I doing?”, I asked myself. I felt like I was going crazy. I had to make a video of myself talking about my passions. Then post it on Facebook for all my network to see. Panic set in. I felt like I was dying. My heart was beating rapidly. It would be easier to walk down Oxford Street naked. I pulled myself together and pressed record. I couldn’t bring myself to talk directly to the iPhone camera. I squawked something about coaching corporate employees to higher productivity. Then I did the unthinkable. I posted it to Facebook. I braced for jokey comments from my network. The baffled questions. But none came — quite the opposite — I received dozens of likes.

This was the first episode of many in the London Real Business Accelerator (LRBA) that would pit me against my nerves. LRBA is an eight week course, where the charismatic Brian Rose and his cohort of coaches facilitate you to build the business of your passion. Comfort zone busting missions such as the vlogging I described above are an intrinsic part of the journey. The course teaches you how to work social media, build digital products and sell through webinars. A key component is the accountability. You’re on the course with almost 150 other students. You’re seeing them build businesses from scratch. Hustling. Having wins, fails, tantrums and celebrations. These fellow students act as a powerful network of support on the whirlwind journey of building a business. The course motto was ‘leave no-one behind’. And in the end, no one was.

This course accelerated me along a path that I would have plodded along for years had I tried on my own. It was the most difficult thing I did this year. But also the most fun.

Paddy McCay coaches corporate employees to improve their stress levels and productivity. He can be contacted through website

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