Patrick Glavee-My Quest To Become Great, WK1

16 years old final year of second level education, most would say what I do now will determine the nature of my future, I guess I believe them, why wouldn’t I? I am young and have seen little of the world and the little I have seen I have seen whilst under the protective cloak of the adults around me. Well that protective cloak is beginning to fade away no matter how much my parents try to prolong its existence.

When I do finish school I’ll be 17 and will remain 17 for almost the entirety of my first year in university and since none of the universities near me teach my desired subject (Graphics Design) I will be forced to move out of my ever so comfortable home into an apartment maybe with roommates, maybe I’ll be all alone, either way I’ll be outside of my comfort zone and I’ll be too young to do anything, such as…. driving.

If I’m perfectly honest I can’t wait for school to be over but on the other hand I can wait, I feel undeniably safe not having to do much of anything apart from having fun and going to school. I guess life away from home will be a rude awakening to life outside. I’m currently regularly attending meetings with my school’s ‘Guidance Councilor’, we are looking through universities and he is helping me to apply to a number of universities across Europe, if you haven’t realised already I plan on doing Graphics Design, I also plan on becoming the greatest; But doesn’t everyone? I guess after reading ‘The Millionare Mind’ by ‘Thomas J Stanley, PHD’ I feel like I am finally ready to take on the world, or for the world to try and take me down.

Patrick Glavee. Sunday, 9th October

Patrick Glavee