Patrick Glavee 'Quest to Become Great' - WK4

1 month milestone!!!! And no, I’m not 24 hours late, again. You were 24 hours early. Only joking, yesterday I made am executive decision to postpone Sunday’s entry in order to ensure it fell on Halloween day in order to attempt and make it more interesting, unfortunately nothing out of the ordinary happened today, I also didn’t post yesterday partially because I forgot to, I should really set an alarm for this… Quite surprising that I am this absent minded at this age, unfortunate.

This week//Last week remained uneventful apart from a relief from school on Thursday due to a Teacher strike, my week was pretty mellow.

I was looking forward to this Halloween mid-term break, but it has just hit me how much work I have to do, and to add onto that, while everyone else will be 'laxing and having fun, I’ll be busy out if my mind. Tuesday I have a work experience, Wednesday and Thursday I have organised study in my school for most of the day, following that I will be in my bedroom wallowing in my self pity after regretting my executive decision to not go to my grads(prom), I have answered why so many times, I don’t think I am bothered enough to do it again; Friday I’ll probably ignore what ever work I have and have fun, then back to work on Saturday and Sunday, preparing my design portfolio, my personal statement and preparing for my mock exams in two weeks.

Until nextweek.

-Patrick Glavee