No emotion in trading

One of the most important advantages of employing robot is to avoid expensive finance mistakes. It has been
 documented repeatedly over that one in all the most important reasons investors get poor out comes is because
 of their behaviour. Investors build emotional choices at market highs and market lows and supported gut
 feelings. Software package doesn’t build these types of mistakes. The robot will follow the exact rules that given and their execution is precise to the point of no bias.

Reduce stress on building portfolio

Another area is to reduced stress of sourcing the best broker or execution partner. Either you are looking for the cheapest air-ticket, cheapest hotel or cheapest broker to execute your trade. A platform such as Trivago, able to compare your next destination hotel from hundreds of web source and offer you the lowest price. All this can be done using third party API, and you can use software to assist you. To do this, you need to have a scheduler that able to execute the software at a particular time. And computer able to do the job. It was almost similar to be a

two things robot can do for you


Two areas where robot beat human you must know

Five type of Robot that you should know

personal assistant that helps you to log in and place a trade. You no more need to “think” whether you should trust the broker over the phone, all this able to be done online and is doing in your best interest!

Robot is your best virtual assistance that able to help you and serve you without throwing you a resignation letter! Cheers, What do you think? Like, share & comment your thoughts. Subscribe TechTrendo for latest VR updates.

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