Observations from the Emerge Americas Tech Conference in Miami

The Gig Economy is only going to grow. I saw and spoke with no less than 6 different freelance aggregations services. A freelance aggregator, such as Angie’s List or Elance, pairs someone who needs work done with someone who is willing to bid a price to have it done. The problem with this is that the only real service that the site is able to provide is some type of screening process to ensure only quality workers can be applicants. I asked several of these sites how they communicate that to customers and only received “its part of our value proposition” as a response.

The American Market may be saturating. Many of the entrepreneurs I spoke with today are interested in piercing other markets. They are meeting here like Switzerland, some kind of neutral territory where they can talk about other economies such as South Korea.

Entrepreneurs are not afraid of the emerging economies. These entrepreneurs see the tech world as a commodity now and it is a race to be the first provider. Many of the companies are trying to jump into the international game before even attempting the domestic one.

Many upstarts are focused entirely on the product and have no sales drive. I am a sales person at heart so I always quiz my interviewees on their marketing and sales. Many of these startups see the internet as a channel and if the service is right a search query will lead the customer to them. If you are trying to build your business you cannot rely on Google to bring your dinner.