Do You Fap Bro? The Sedated Tiger Story

I was watching a documentary on tigers in captivity in Thailand…

You know which ones… Those tigers that random girl you’ve wanted to fuck since high school posts pictures of on her instagram because she dropped out of school and moved to Thailand to surf and all her friends envy her….

Those tigers you can come up to, lie down with, take pictures with and they’re just there derping.

Ya, those ones.

You realize those tigers aren’t naturally passive right?

They’re fucking apex predators bruh!

So what gives?

They’ve been declawed, often cases had their fangs removed or softened, and are heavily sedated.

STOP! How do you feel at me saying these things?

Pretty sad I bet…

So why do you feel more pity for a wild animal than you do for yourself?

It really occurred to me to what extent it has become normal for us men to sedate ourselves… To declaw ourselves… To pacify ourselves…

No, it isn’t your fault — at my Catholic high school, we all laughed at the religious boy who said he doesn’t watch porn or masturbate. Even the Sex Ed teacher giggled and told him it was perfectly fine to watch and fap — but was it?

I’m not making a scientific argument here. I don’t care if its psychologically healthy or not. I don’t care if it debases women or promotes unhealthy attitudes toward sex (all evidence says it doesn’t).

I’m talking at a personal level here…

You too are an apex predator. You too have been declawed, sedated, pacified, and you do so repeatedly, but for how long?

You get horny, aroused, turned on, awakened, hungry…

And then you release, turn off, lie there, empty…

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to battle your way through the addiction to temporary sense pleasure and witness the depths of power that lie on the other side?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to feel that hunger, that aliveness coursing through your veins once more?

Most of us talk about being masculine but we don’t FEEL all that masculine. And don’t even get me started on what women feel from us…

You think women want the nice, pleasant but safe guy? You think she goes to sleep at night fantasizing about a totally average guy, who treads carefully around her not to offend her, is totally sexually safe and respectful, is meek and humble, will say only nice things and never disagree with her?

She wants a fucking tiger.

But don’t mind me, I’m just thinking out loud…

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