Have You Lost Your Way?

“Pat after working with you, I’ve had some awesome breakthroughs, but these days it’s like I’m slowly regressing to my old bad habits. What gives?”

“Have you been doing your daily morning ritual?”

“… No”

5 years of mentoring men has allowed me to see some pretty interesting patterns in the way we behave.

But I can safely say that 90% of the problems you’re going to have come from your drifting away from your desired outcome.

“That clear mental picture you must have continually in mind, as a sailor has in mind the port toward which he is sailing the ship; You must keep your face towards it all time.” — Wallace D Wattles

Do you know what you want?

You feeling good about it?

“Hell yeah!” you think “Success is MINE. I can DO THIS”

But what’s this?

3 weeks later you’re back in your slump.

What happened?!

You start to get anxious…

You start to chase this state you existed in before and wonder why it left you…

“How can I go back to being how I used to be?!” You wonder in vain…

And before you know it, you are feeling anxious about feeling anxious, and are no closer to getting back on the right track.

So here it is brother:

All great men have had in common the habituated way of being.

Your behaviour is like an elastic band.

You decide the path you want to be on, and you fearless walk towards it.

Life will throw curve-balls at you more often than not, and strong winds will sweep you off track…

But to make sure that elastic snaps back, it all comes down to one basic habit:

Training the mind to rest on who you want to be.

Make this a daily practice.

Every morning just sit and ask yourself “who am I today? What kind of man do I want to be? If this were my last day on earth, how would I show up?”

Every. single. day.

Return your mind away from it’s wandering, and keep your sight on your highest possible ideal self.

You will make mistakes.

Some days you won’t perform like you want to…

But the more you do this, the closer you are to bridging the gap between where you are standing now and who you hope to be.

Every single day, you have the choice:

Stay as you are…

Or strive to be better.

Choose wisely.

Give. Love. Serve.