How To Ask A Girl Out — For Realzies

I remember not 5 years ago…

Was at the ripe ole’ age of 20 and I was shy as all hell.

Sure I could meet a woman or two here and there…

Could even crack a few jokes…

But I always seemed to get stuck at the same damn place:

I couldn’t for the life of me ask a girl out.

So I did what everyone else does.

I went on the Interwebz and searched.

I went through Menshealth, askmen, pick up artist sites, Cosmo, the lot of it.

Seriously, if I were half as diligent in school as I was about chasing women, I’d have been a straight A student.

I digress…

I eventually found a bunch of cool, sly ways to ask a woman out.

Suggest a hang out, invite her to chill, see if she was downtown with her friends while I was out with my friends.

And all of it was well and fun but every time I’d invariably make a move I’d always get the dreaded “uhh… What are you doing?”

The. Actual. Fuck?!

It wasn’t until I learned to accept myself and let my own love of women actually SHOW that I solved this problem…

See every tip and trick I found was a way of sidelining the issue, was a mechanism of self-protection.

And the worst part is — women felt it!

So if I sent the message that I can’t even trust myself with my own needs and desires, then why on earth would any woman trust me with hers?? They had every right to be mistrustful.

It wasn’t until I was able to really accept my weaknesses, to allow my vulnerability to show that things turned around for me.

Ask yourself this:
If a woman challenges you and asks “are you asking me out?”

Can you look right in her eyes, fully comfortable, alert, alive and fully lovingly express your truth?

“You look incredible and I’m excited about you, you bet your ass it’s a date!”

Try it out and let me know how it goes.

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