Simple Hack To Actually Find LASTING Happiness

I toiled with this concept my whole entire quarter-centuries-long life.

You see, when I was 19 years old I was unhappy.

In the words of the great Jewish Reggae artist Matisyahu: “I wanted to fill the gaping hole in my being”…

And maybe I’m an old soul but I figured out quickly enough that the external trappings of modern life just wouldn’t cut it for me.

I figured that the new car smell would wear off quickly and that having a big-boobed Coke-snorting blonde girl in a skimpy outfit on my arm due to a big bank account (and my teeny tiny… Self-esteem!) does not constitute the epitome of achievement.

I quickly realized that my entire life, there was something missing. I had been living by a mathematical equation that had been hammered into me from a very young age…

If I could just have X, then I would be happy.

Therefore, me + X = happiness.

But what no one bothers to tell you is that this ‘X’ is transient.

That the pursuit of ‘X’ is a draining and pain-inducing journey that no one ever won.

We giggle as Britney Spears shaves her head, Justin Bieber visits hookers (and, I have no proof of this, clubs baby seals to death), and Miley Cyrus goes full Kardashian on us…

But they theoretically reached the peak… They have everything anyone could ever want…

And yet they’re miserable.

What the fuck gives??

No, this can’t be it. This can’t be why we drag our feet to work every day.

This can’t be why we distract ourselves with porn, movies, junk food and Instagram…

So if this elusive happiness can’t be found outward, where can it be found?


You see, no one ever told us that the equation was wrong! That the variables were correct but just in the wrong order.

Instead, it goes like this:

If I can just be happy, then I can have X.

It isn’t me + X = happiness…

But me + happiness = X

Success, true and lasting romance, amazing friends, respect and honor…

All these things are effortless byproducts of your inner well of happiness.

Working on a worthy goal is exciting!

Flirting and romancing the shit out of a beautiful girl comes easy when you feel this good!

And better yet, none of it will go to your head because you simply don’t need it to feel good about yourself!

When you look inward and find that inner well of profound joy, ease and peace, you unlock a strength unlike anything you’ve ever felt before…

Happiness — TRUE happiness — is something no person or circumstance can ever take away from you.

“On this path, effort never goes to waste and there is no failure. Even a little effort towards spiritual awareness will protect you from the greatest fear. Looking inward and seeking only Me, [the wise] have found the peace in which all sorrows end.” — Bhagavad Gita

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