Why Donald Trump Is A F*cking Seduction Legend

Politics aside… Donald Trump is a boss and a half.

Put away your pitchfork (I’m looking at you, self-righteous vegan from California), this post isn’t about politics.

This post is about seduction.

Trump? Seductive? Have I gone MAD?

Look, the truth is that seduction is actually quite simple…

“Seduction begins with the words you whisper in her ear… With the pictures you draw in her mind”.

Trump understood his voter base, and he said the exact words they wanted to hear.

He knew that they needed a savior, and all he had to do was make sure he positioned himself as such.

It didn’t matter that the media lambasted him, hated him, dragged his name through the mud…

“It’s you and me against the world baby!!!”

He knew how to create an experience for his audience and he knew how to spin their fears and desires into a POWERFUL story…

And my GOD do women love a good story… My GOD do women need a savior… My GOD do women crave to be spoken to, to be swept up and made to feel as if “it’s us against the world”.

But instead what do they get?

Weak men who don’t want her so badly as they want to protect their egos.

Everywhere you turn, we see women aching to be swept off their feet…

Women CRAVING, not to be ‘picked up’ by some insecure little bitchboy who doesn’t know how to stand tall and speak his mind…

But to be seduced by a man… To be led astray, if even for a just a little while — anything is better than this emotionless flatline!

And what about you?

Do you understand women and what they crave?

Do you speak the words they ache to hear?

Do you know how to rescue them from their agonizing dissatisfaction?

Do you know how to sweep them away and engulf them in a powerful love story that makes them feel like it’s just you and her against the world?

What she wants to hear is your ability to present yourself as authentically as possible. No other pursuit is worthwhile.

Maybe it’s time you learned.

Give. Love. Serve.