How do I learn? And Why that Matters in the Coding World.

I am currently a student at an online bootcamp called the Firehose Project. As I am digging in about how to build apps with Ruby on Rails, HTML, and CSS, I find myself overloaded with information. Do I really have to understand everything about the applications / languages listed above to be considered a good coder? While knowing more is clearly better vs not knowing. I find myself not knowing plenty. Admitting your own faults and accepting your own limitations are pivotal to being a better coder. For example, I don’t find myself a very good listener. In college when I had lectures about certain coding topics, I found myself extremely lost. However, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t learn from practice or talking to others. I became better because I realized I couldn’t learn on just what was being said. Your either an auditory learner (you have to hear it), visual learner ( you have to see it), or kinetic learner (you have to do it). Firehose uses all three areas of learning mixed throughout their lessons. Mentors can lecture to benefit auditory learners. You also have to do challenge problems benefit the kinetic learners the most. there are videos with screen share abilities to help the visual learners. While all three are important to exercise, know which one you truly learn the best from to be able to retain information the best.

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