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It was a sunny afternoon, so my daughter and I went down to the beach.

The weather was getting warm and in a couple of weeks it would be too hot. We live inland and it’s not a short drive. But on that day, it just felt like now or never.

We got out of the car and stepped into the sand, flip flops dangling from our hands. After racing each other, then catching our breaths, we cooled down walked along the surf picking up seashells and skipping rocks. We had arrived late in the afternoon and the sun was…

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Statistically, there is a pretty good chance that you are concerned about climate change and worried about the future as a result.

According to a survey by Yale and George Mason from April 2019, 62% of Americans were at least “somewhat worried” about climate change and 23% were “very worried.” A more recent CBS News poll from this week says a majority of Americans think action needs to be taken right now to address climate change, and that they feel a personal responsibility to do something about it but cannot afford to. …

Student loans get a pretty bad rap these days. Sure, they may be a fundamentally unethical relic of an outdated tertiary education system. And yes, most of us want some common-sense form of relief or total cancellation so that we don’t continue to look like an international embarrassment to the rest of the developed world.

But, here’s my question: why don’t we Americans ever talk about the benefits of, ironically, being financially enslaved by the very institutions we were told would help us achieve upward mobility?

“It’s raining debt, Hallelujah it’s raining debt! LET IT RAIN UNTIL I HAVE BEEN CONSUMED BY THE FLOOD!” Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

You owe so much to your student debt (and lenders, of course). It is…

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A lot of things at once…

It’s like Wheel of Fortune, except the wheel will spin for another 483 days before landing on a tile and instead of FREE SPIN one of the options is FREE COLLEGE. Instead of BANKRUPT it’s TRUMP, and so on.

It’s like the United States is, collectively, The Bachelorette. It’s already pretty clear which contestants won’t even make it halfway through the season, and instead of roses we give them positive polling numbers and small-dollar donations.

It’s like watching the planet burn and taking a year and a half to decide whether we should hose…

Somewhere out there, somebody is crying in a car in a parking lot. Somewhere else, somebody is starting a vacation in Maui.

Somewhere on the coast, oil from offshore drilling is showing up on a beach. Somewhere in town, a young boy stares, admiring the majesty of a windmill.

Out in Oregon, the blackberries grow plump and sweet in the Summer sun. While down in Chile, it’s getting chilly.

Somewhere, in any city, somebody’s rent went up for the third year in a row. 90 miles away, a “For Sale” sign swings back and forth on a neglected lawn.


It’s Tuesday, 11:14 AM in Boston, Massachusetts. These are all the things I can hear while sitting on my couch right now.

A steady, but light flow of cars and trucks driving through the intersection four houses down from mine.

Dripping sounds from the water tank in my toilet — which is probably in disrepair — gradually leaking, or draining into itself or something. It’s not a very good toilet.

The beeping sound made from when a large vehicle is put in reverse, combined with the semi-distant and undistinguishable chattering of construction workers amongst the dropping, banging, and moving of…

Sometimes, all you need is just a few words to get your point across.

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There are times in life when we search for short reads over long reads and vice versa. Perhaps, you’re partial to short stories or novellas these days. Maybe you bring all 700 pages of Ulysses with you on the train to make the most of your commute (and to let fellow passengers know you like to be seen reading Ulysses). To each their own.

Sometimes, less is more. Great things can come in small packages.

Small is a platform for really short reads. When you want to stay on top of the latest in shortwinded prose, or post a little piece of genius, think Small.

Like Medium, Small is “an open platform for authentic voices to share their thoughts and experiences, and through conversation move us towards greater understanding” — just on a smaller scale.

With that being said, our member content guidelines mirror those of Medium’s.

In other words:

Be nice. Keep it concise.

Small is Medium, but smaller.

Welcome to Small, where words matter… but brevity matters most.

Do you like writing, but prefer to be brief? Do you like reading, but prefer a short read? Well, then you’ve come to the right place!

Small is like Medium, but if it were a place for “Everyone’s stories and ideas” that were really short stories and really small ideas.

That’s all.

Members of the Sunrise Movement organizing in support of the Green New Deal in Washington, D.C.

You know America’s national priorities are pretty upside down when the world’s leading climate scientists are saying we have 12 years to get climate change under control and all the President cares about is building a border wall. If you want to talk about threats to national security that require declaring national emergencies and tapping into defense spending, then gee I don’t know, how about the looming global climate crisis that threatens to end all of human civilization as we know it within a century?

If by now you don’t believe global warming is happening, you are in the minority…

Patrick Loftus

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