How Enterprise Mobility Is Changing The Business Landscape

Pratik Rupareliya
Dec 26, 2016 · 3 min read

Advanced technologies give a new life to the businesses by simplifying the operational processes, improving employees’ productivity and generating ample of revenue. Embrace the enterprise mobility and develop hi-tech mobile apps to transform your traditional workflow into a modern one.

Inject mobility into your business process to see a drastic change the way your employees perform their job, and customers experience your brand. Empower your organizational processes by using the inbuilt features of mobile devices such as camera, location-based services, and much more. Another option is the development of wearable and sensors to collect information and energize the workflow with more insights.

Apart from these technical aspects, enterprise mobility profoundly affects the various business factors as well.

Generate Greater Revenue

Mobile apps have simplified the way of online shopping for products and services. Leverage the infinite business opportunities by developing a cutting-edge mobile app for the company.

For instance, online movie ticket booking company can deliver an exclusive user experience to the shoppers by applying a combination of mobile apps and beacons. It allows buyers to identify the exact location of theater, view the building amenities, buy parking passes, purchase tickets, order food, and much more using the same mobile app. Thus, it increases income resources by delivering other services along with movie ticket booking.

Discussing this in the enterprise context, mobile app simplifies employees’ life by facilitating them with exceptional features such as document editing and mobile customer relationship management. It helps sales department to close the sales deals and complete the contract with flexibility in terms of time and place.

Improved Employee Productivity

Mobile apps digitize the old paper-driven processes and automate them to avail streamline workflow. It is a smart approach than the older one, as it improves data accuracy and permits users to capture new data such as time, location and pictures.

Let’s understand this with a case of waste management organization. The company can develop advanced functionalities such as optimization of trucking routes. It improves the efficiency of truck drivers who tow the waste in trucks. The app shows them the minimum time-consuming route. This feature not only saves travel time of each truck but also reduces the number of vehicles required to serve an area.

Better Communications

Sometimes companies want to cater extended customer support to the end clients. Companies allow the employees to access corporate data from the mobile devices to facilitate customers with real-time information. If we talk about a healthcare organization, it allows the employees to access several enterprise apps such as patient engagement app, asset management and map navigation from the mobile devices.

A hospital can use a mobile app to transform an emergency room into an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) room by analyzing and submitting several details such as image capture, bedside documentation, retrieval and order entry. The app permits the patients and their family members to ask questions to the hospital staff, check details about their doctor, learn about the equipment in the rooms, and much more.

New Data Give Updated Insights

Connectivity amongst mobile app and sensors cater with an extraordinary visibility in status and health of equipment. Mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) drives a drastic change for a manufacturing unit by facilitating them with hi-tech supply chain tracking systems and predictive maintenance. The owner of the manufacturing unit allows plant manager to access data of production and equipment alerts, line efficiency and data visualization at the least cost than traditional paper-based processes.

For example; a car manufacturing unit can set up smart production process by utilizing comprehensive offerings of IoT. The plant manager can use sensors to detect real-time production error into the production plant. Implementation of mobility with IoT assist manufacturers in minimizing rework, improving the troubleshooting capabilities and reducing scrap rates. Ultimately, they attain tremendous cost saving.

Intuz holds exclusive experience in developing enterprise mobile apps that help you in seizing numerous business opportunities. Energize your organizational workflow by utilizing advanced capabilities of creating new market-defining experiences and enhancing staff productivity.

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