How to Speed Up Your Mobile App Development Cycle

Major goals of any organization are to lead the competition, increase customer base, and attain tremendous profitability. In order to achieve these objectives, businesses plan out several strategies for online and offline efforts. Undoubtedly, presence on mobile platform is one of the top-notch strategies that help business world in getting assured results.

Primary requirement to penetrate on mobiles is to have a robust mobile app. When you look for mobile app development companies, you have enormous options. But it is quite tough to identify who is capable enough to deliver reliable development within your time constraints. With the time, opportunities also slip away, and competition becomes tougher.

Consult with a well-experienced mobile app development company who has proven expertise in building secured and quality mobile apps. A company having a streamlined development process can build up highly dynamic mobile apps within a short time span.

Interested to explore how to achieve it. Here are the best practices to speed up your mobile app development.

Wireframe Designing

Don’t just start to develop a mobile app once the project requirements are in place. Create a blueprint of app layout in terms of design, structure, and architecture. Use more abstracts and less details in wireframe.

Wireframe facilitates programmers with the better idea about required features and functionality development. It also assists UX designer to make an intuitive user interface designing. Wireframe design saves a lot of time by getting everyone on the same page and delivering unique vision to each member.

Launching Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Instead of penetrating the market with a fully functional product, prefer to launch MVP. It helps organizations in establishing the remarkable visibility of app across the various app stores. During the post launching phase, the app development company and organizations have to work closely to collect data through a build-measure-learn feedback loop. The next step is the implementation of users’ feedback for further development and enhancement of the mobile product.

Once the MVP is live on app stores, you can plan out to release new updates of the app within 3–4 weeks’ short time span. It helps in making the app development cycle shorten in compared to launching a full-fledged product.

Improving Customer Engagement

Once the core product is developed and live on the app store, organizations have to think in the direction of increasing customer engagement. Mobile app development is a huge platform that offers several pre-made applets for emailers, communications, etc. Organizations can simply install these applets in their product without any extra coding and enhance the customer engagement. The applets are used to introduce new feature tours, feedback tools, special offer notifications, and sharing tools.

Arranging Automated Testing

Automated testing helps in reducing the development cycle of the mobile app. Under automated testing, organizations can run a suite of tests at a time, so there is a complete elimination of manual testing process. It merely improves quality and security of the app.

As it allows to apply several testing methods simultaneously in the same amount of time, testing procedures become faster. Implementation of more testing methods offers surety of a bug-free coding.

Outsource to Experts

Opt for a reputed mobile app development to outsource your project. As they have worked for versatile industry domains, they have wide experience in building nest generation mobile app using the latest mobile trends and technologies. The company, having a hands-on experience in both the leading platforms iOS and Android, excels in developing and implementing advanced features and functionalities of your industry vertical.

Some companies manage a library of few common features. So, they just need to integrate it into your app. It also helps in building up an app faster. Thus, outsourcing to experts helps organizations to focus on core business operations and earn the immense profit.

You can select Intuz as your mobile app development and design partner to improve time-to-market of your product. We help you in sooner penetration to the market; quicker recognition by your target audience. It drives great customer engagement and ultimately accelerates the ROI.

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